Mount Bowser is a brand new course in Mario Kart 9. It is played as the last course of the Mushroom Cup. Not suprisingly, this course is dangerous as it is, Bowser's course. Fire Snakes

Map of Mount Bowser

are obstacles in the second and third lap of this course.

Course Layout

The course starts on a high plateau with many sloped turns after that. After the last turn is a Boost Pad which leads the racers into an underwater path like Cheep Cheep Lagoon. The Fire Snakes somehow act like obstacles here. After a tight left turn out of the water, the racers reach another Boost Pad which, if they want to, lead the racers onto a raised platform. Racers may also choose to race underwater. The racers soon reach a steep downhill road which has alternating Boost Pads like Mount Wario and Rock Rock Mountain. After that the racers reach a wide anti-gravity turn into a cave which is near the volcano's crater. The cave is wide with pillars just like Rock Rock Mountain. After this the racers may choose to take a left turn which acts as a shortcut or take a normal route straight ahead. The two routes join together across platforms raised by geysers before a few more sloped turns with a gliding pad to the finish line.

Course Shortcuts

Just after the cave area, there is a left turn which cuts off some turns before the platform area.


  • This course is one of the three courses which can spot more than half of the courses in this game.

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