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Mother V (also stylized as MOTHER V) is the fifth (?) installment in the Mother/Earthbound series. It is the second (?) in the series to not be directed by Shigesato Itoi, instead being directed by heavily heralded director Exotoro (tbc), who is best known for their work in the New Fantendoverse. It tells the story of a teenage girl named Nazz who has to dissolve a Cold War style situation between Eagleland and the reborn Pig Mask Empire who intends to conquer the globe and spread it's ideology.

The game follows the events of Mother 4, a game that doesn't seemingly exist. Additionally, the game is titled Mother V, not Mother 5, so who really knows what number entry in the series this is?




Setting and Premise

The bulk of the game takes place within a entirely different Eagleland than the one seen in Earthbound and modeled after the modern United States of America. On the other side of the globe resides the Pig Mask Empire, which has conquered several countries prior to the start of the game. A mysterious green haired girl rules over the Pig Mask Empire. Both superpowers are in a silent, cold war waiting for the other to strike. The catalyst for that strike is approaching any given moment...

Prologue: Ash Queen


Act 1: Devastation's Door


Act 2: ???


Act 3: ???



Party Members

Character Info


A teenager that lives in Eagleland. She is described as somewhat rebellious. She is somewhat ordinary otherwise but that changes when she is visited by the Nightmen, who accidentally help her discover her PSI powers. She takes on a journey to stop the Pig Queen while also discovering things about herself and the world around her. Unlike previous Mother protagonists, Nazz is a girl and fairly grown up at that, being somewhere around 16 years old. She has the ability PK Crystal, a strong and signature move.


Freed in the basement of the Nightmen, Heartzy tends to try to help the player but in ways that are less helpful than intended, such as telling the player to press the wrong button to do an action or being incorrect about enemy attacks. Nazz loses Heartzy fairly soon after having them in their party and they don't attack, only giving tutorials. They later appear sporadically in cameos throughout the game.


Harley was captured by the Eagleland Government and has his abilities limited by very hard to open pair of cuffs. However, he can hack into just about anything (except those cuffs, apparently) even without free arms. Nazz gets him out of his cell but for much of the game he has his hands in those cuffs, only allowing him to do weak physical attacks and use voice activated weapons on enemies.

Important NPCs







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