Mother 5
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Role-Playing
Series Mother
Predecessor Mother 4: Redemption
Mother 5 is an upcoming Role-Playing Game for the Visus Sphere, it is the second Mother game developed by Darklight Studios and the fifth overall in the franchise.


On the Schuld Islands the people live in tranquility between civilization and nature, small huddles of villages dot the vast landscape and it is believed by many that by digging into the land an evil spirit will be unleashed upon the land. Within one of these Villages, Ziel Village lives a young child whose life would change after discovering a plot to undo the threads of peace and incite a war between man and nature.


Like other Mother games the player controls their characters in overworlds via the use of a pseudo-isometric view. The player can interact with the scenery, other characters and specific locations to progress through the story. In addition they may run into enemies while exploring causing them to go into a battle.

In the battle phase each side takes turns attacking however after an attack has been dealt the damage done will slowly remove health from that character, this allows for healing items and attacks to be used to prevent death or get an extra hit. In addition the player is able to make use of psychic abilities known as PSI that allow the player to effectively use magical attacks in combat.

A major change from previous games is that this game is now free roaming allowing the player to backtrack to older locations to find secrets and Super Bosses.


There are a variety of characters the player meets along their travels in Mother 5, the player can usually help said characters in some way by fixing some issue they have. In addition a fair few characters become directly involved in the player's quest to prevent the summoning of the Dark Spirit.

Playable Characters

Character Description
Cryem The player's character, Cryem is a young boy whom had grown up in the Port Town known as Havbrise where he would occasionally go out to explore the nearby fields. Little would Cryem expect that he would get involved in a conspiracy involving a secret society and their desire to bring back an ancient evil. Cryem however was foretold of an ancient ability passed down through his bloodline that would allow him to halt the awakening.
Johnny (Temporary)
Mittzy (Temporary)


Map Mother 5
The world for Mother 5 is known as Schuld Islands, not nearly as developed as New Pork City, the Schuld Islands have a relatively sparse population with most of the land completely dominated by the wilderness and mountains of the islands. There are 4 major islands as well as 25 minor islands, the player will visit most locations through their travels and thanks to natural or man-made bridges (as well as a ferry system) the player can explore most of the in-game world.

Unlike previous Mother Games the world isn't particularly broken up by distinct areas but rather has one giant map with areas that flow into each other. The aim of this was to create a seamless transition between the small villages and wild forests, plains, volcanoes, mountains, hills, jungles, rivers and deserts of the land to represent the interconnectivity of the world. The map is split up into regions according to what chapter the player visits said region in.

Map Regions
Region Chapter Introduced Boss/es Locations of Interest
Heartbeat Bay Chapter 1 Bronze Kraken

Ziel Village

Breeze Beach

Forest of Cries Chapter 2 Flooded Toad King

Dancing Lola Tree

Emergent Lake

Everdale's House

Lost Tribe Jungles Chapter 3 Ambrachial Aneno

Hoonoo Tribe Settlement

Garamata Tribe Settlement

Dornus Ruins

Chimp Reserve

Folly Mountains Chapter 4 Blacklight Horror

Ghost Ruins

Vibra Crystal Chasm

Plains of Everlove

Fort Ruin Peninsula Chapter 5 Old Captain Glog
Ashfall Islands Chapter 6 Ember Dragoon
Eternal Dream Bog Chapter 7 Nightmare Creature
Struggle Wilds Chapter 8 Sorrowful Ghoul
Amnesia Marshes Chapter 9 The Faceless
Pinnacle Fields Chapter 10 Bubble Gold Statue
Isle of Dreams Chapter 11
Mountain of Stories Chapter 12





PSI Skills

The PSI Skills once again appear having the player able to use various skills to attack and defend in battle. There are a total of 31 PSI Skills; 13 PK Attacks, 13 PSI Powers & 5 PSI Ultimas.

PK Attack Skills

Attack Name Alpha Beta Gamma Omega
PK Fire
PK Fire Alpha
PK Fire Beta
PK Fire Gamma
PK Fire Omega
PK Ice
PK Ice Alpha
PK Ice Beta
PK Ice Gamma
PK Ice Omega
PK Thunder
PK Thunder Alpha
PK Thunder Beta
PK Thunder Gamma
PK Thunder Omega
PK Terra
PK Terra Alpha
PK Terra Beta
PK Terra Gamma
PK Terra Omega
PK Water
PK Water Alpha
PK Water Beta
PK Water Gamma
PK Water Omega
PK Poison
PK Poison Alpha
PK Poison Beta
PK Poison Gamma
PK Poison Omega
PK Psy
PK Psy Alpha
PK Psy Beta
PK Psy Gamma
PK Psy Omega
PK Reflect
PK Reflect Alpha
PK Reflect Beta
PK Reflect Gamma
PK Reflect Omega
PK Flash
PK Flash Alpha
PK Flash Beta
PK Flash Gamma
PK Flash Omega
PK Blade
PK Blade Alpha
PK Blade Beta
PK Blade Gamma
PK Blade Omega
PK Light
PK Light Alpha
PK Light Beta
PK Light Gamma
PK Light Omega
PK Cyber
PK Cyber Alpha
PK Cyber Beta
PK Cyber Gamma
PK Cyber Omega
PK Life
PK Life Alpha
PK Life Beta
PK Life Gamma
PK Life Omega

PSI Powers

Power Name Alpha Beta Gamma Omega
Healing Alpha
Healing Beta
Healing Gamma
Healing Omega
Defence Up
Defence Up Alpha
Defence Up Beta
Defence Up Gamma
Defence Up Omega
Refresh Alpha
Refresh Beta
Refresh Gamma
Refresh Omega
Power Up
Power Up Alpha
Power Up Beta
Power Up Gamma
Power Up Omega
Shield Alpha
Shield Beta
Shield Gamma
Shield Omega
Power Down
Power Down Alpha
Power Down Beta
Power Down Gamma
Power Down Omega
Magnet Alpha
Magnet Beta
Magnet Gamma
Magnet Omega
Life Up
Life Up Alpha
Life Up Beta
Life Up Gamma
Life Up Omega
Accuracy Up
Accuracy Up Alpha
Accuracy Up Beta
Accuracy Up Gamma
Accuracy Up Omega
Curse Alpha
Curse Beta
Curse Gamma
Curse Omega
Disabler Alpha
Disabler Beta
Disabler Gamma
Disabler Omega
PSI Blocker
PSI Blocker Alpha
PSI Blocker Beta
PSI Blocker Gamma
PSI Blocker Omega
Revival Alpha
Revival Beta
Revival Gamma
Revival Omega

PSI Ultimas

Power Name Alpha Beta Gamma Omega
PK Bloodshed Alpha
PK Bloodshed Beta
PK Bloodshed Gamma
PK Bloodshed Omega
PK Flora Alpha
PK Flora Beta
PK Flora Gamma
PK Flora Omega
PK Rockin' Alpha
PK Rockin' Beta
PK Rockin' Gamma
PK Rockin' Omega
PK Starstorm Alpha
PK Starstorm Beta
PK Starstorm Gamma
PK Starstorm Omega
PK Love Alpha
PK Love Beta
PK Love Gamma
PK Love Omega


  • This is the first game since Earthbound/Mother 2 to feature PK as the term used for PSI Attacking Skills and is  possibly linked to it being the first one not to have Giygas or Porky Minch involved in the story
  • There are a total of 31 PSI Skills in the game, 5 less than the previous game although several new PSI Abilities are introduced