This was made by Rocketskarmory Inc. If you edit this, you will get crushed by a whomp.

Mother 4 is a new game for the 3DS. You can now have 5 enemies and 6 people traveling with you. Nuff' said.

Playable Charecters

  • Justin: An ordinary boy until he realizes he can do big things. He is 10 years old, and is a PSI user. PSI means both offensive magic and healing magic.
  • Autumn: Justin's sister and a powerful healer.She is 7 years old, and is a PHI user. PHI means only shields and healing magic. Recruted after chapter 1.
  • Daniel: A smart kid. He is 10 years old and is a PK USER. PK means only offensive magic. Recruted during chapter 2.
  • Aislinn: Somewhat of a punk. She is 14 years old and cant learn magic. Her regular attack stat is very high though. Recruted at the start of chapter 4.
  • Kenny: A kid who uses BOMBS? (had to do that) and hammers to his advantage. He is 11 years and is a PK user. Recruted during chapter 4.
  • Andy:Justin's golden reteiver.OPTINAL. Isnt a magic user, but shows how much HP an enemy has. but Andy has very low HP. His defense is a godsent. Can be recruted starting chapter 3.


New enemies

HUGE HUGE Pillbug Shadow Starmen

Shadows Lomeys Tredops Pinheads

Dark Shadows Gooey Slug Lil Bro

Bro Team(with 3 of them) Mecha-Shadow

Shadow Commander Clippers Big Mole

Creepy Lady Shadow Man Lost Dog

Rocket Shadows Hammer Hurter Lops

Lups Leps Lyps Loaps Shadoos

Exploding Dice Shadow Lord

Returning Enemies



Spud Bug


Zombie Dog


Big Bro

Violent Roach

Spineless Lobster

Sand Lizard

HUGE Pillbug


Squawking Stick

Slimy Slug


Elder Batty

Road Block



Nice Poser

Rock Lobster

Steel Mecholrilla

Unwelcome Gust

Tender Loving Tree

Slimy Slug

Metal Attack Roach

K(Vegeta:OVER 9000!!)

Love Walker

Runaway Dog

Mobile Sprout

Worthless Protoplasm



Noose Man


Kiss of Death

Zap Eel


French Kiss of Death

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