Mother 4: The Eight Melodies is an unexpected MOTHER game, coming out on the Wii U, on December 9, 2015. It is produced by Shigasoto Itoi, translated by Clyde Mandelin, renamed Earthbound 2: The Eight Melodies. Satoru Iwata also helped Shigasoto Itoi turn his ideas into a video game.


Andrew, a young boy, wakes up in his bed to his Mother's cheerful voice. She tells him he overslept, and needs to get some exercise, and play with his sister and brothers. Andrew's sister is called Helen, Andrew's older brother is called Maxie, and Andrew's younger brother is named Henry. Helen and Andrew are twins. When Andrew goes outside, his dog, Zeus, greats him. Henry runs to Andrew, and asks him to play a game. You have no choice, if you press Yes or No. Henry decides to play "Wrestle Game" and teaches Andrew the basics of fighting in MOTHER 4. After the battle, Henry says that Andrew is good, but he is better. He runs off tword the Huckleberry Forest. Henry does not come back, and Andrew goes to look for him. Andrew finds Henry, standing beneath a odd pink shell. Henry then joins your party. Go in, and you will see an odd person. A man wearing girly clothes. Talk to him, and he says his name is Fardellia, and he is one of the four Magypsies. He explains that he senses Andrew and Henry can use PSI. She explains about a devilish being named Highlord, who threatens to destroy Earth. He says that there are Eight Melodies hidden around the Earth. Then, an assassin comes down and almost kills Fardellia. You enter a boss battle, and after, he says that he was sent by a person name something like Piggy, and Master Highlord. He says that his name is Beast, and vanishes. Henry then runs to Fardellia, and casts his first PSI spell, PK Lifeup. Fardellia then returns to normal, and gives you the Song Stone. She says one of the songs in near Bridgeport, and it is called The Big Spoon.


Chapter 1: Prophecy

Chapter 2: Mountain Expedition

Chapter 3: The Great Highlord

Chapter 4: Dorian City

Chapter 5: It all comes to this

Chapter 6: The Apocalypse

Chapter 7: Giygas

Chapter 8: The Return of Porky

Chapter 9: Preparations

Chapter 10: The Great Raid

Playable Characters







Great Lamp - MELODY

Mountain Monster

Sorrowful Ghost - MELODY


King Cake - MELODY

The Highlord

Evil Business Man - MELODY

Rural Monster

Jack the Scarecrow - MELODY

Toxic Drone

Big Zombie

Infected Guarrdian - MELODY

Infected Army Man

Remaining Starman


The Force-field


Socket - MELODY

Cloud Man - MELODY


Robo Warrior

The Highlord

True Highlord



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