Mother 4: Redemption
Mother 4 Redemption Logo
The Mother 4: Redemption Logo for the game.
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 3DS, WiiU
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure, Action
Series Mother Series
Predecessor Mother 3
Successor  ???
Mother 4: Redemption is an upcoming sequel to the previous Mother Series games, and takes place after Mother 3. The game like its predecessors there are very few if any connections to the previous titles. The game focuses around Nionu and the tragedy that befalled him as a child to which he finds that an extraterrestrial menace has descended upon his town and surrounding areas and has been silently taking over everything in the background of his life. Ohter characters include the Nionu's love interest Romana, a mysterious bandit called Umbolt and a young squire named Tione.






Playable Characters

Nionu - A young boy from the town of Lained who had grown up with his two parents before one fateful night were their home was invaded by a mysterious creature that brutally murdered both of his parents. Though he fears for what the creature was he is determined and brave against most things in life.

Romana - Nionu's love interest, Romana is an academic genius who went to the same school as Nionu, although she does not seem to have any interest in Nionu. Before the game she was mysteriously abducted and has not been seen at all.

Umbolt - Umbolt was part of the Fluffy Turtle Bandits a group of desert dwelling thieves that would steal from those foolish enough to enter the desert that they had claimed. Umbolt grew up with the thieves although has become conflicted between whether he wants to live the life of a bandit or something more dignified.

Tione - A squire training to become a Knight, Tione is a somewhat dim-witted but faithful boy who unwittingly gets himself involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the King of their City. While he does not realise it, he holds within him a secret power that he has yet to comprehend.



Locations & Enemies

In the game there are many large locations that are featured throughout the game. Some are Villages, Towns and Cities while others are landmarks. The list below (may contain information later) contains the name of every major location in the game.

Lained Town

  • Runaway Dog
  • Stary Cat
  • Trashy Racoon
  • Spiteful Crow
  • Coil Snake
  • Staring Butterfly
  • Unhappy Cows Member
  • Macro Beetle
  • Shrouded Warrior (Boss)

The Black Goo Forest

  • Coil Snake
  • Spiteful Crow
  • Mud Monster
  • Carnivorous Dragonfly
  • Dancing Alligator
  • Black Bog War Veteran
  • Black Bog Tank
  • Mutated Artillery
  • Fusion Reactor Swamp Monster (Boss)
  • Jumpy Goose
  • Stone Slug
  • Masked Alligator
  • Cartwheel Sea Snake
  • The Master Thief (Boss)

Mr. Oink's Chapel

  • Piggy
  • Biggy
  • Giggy
  • Oink Follower
  • Oink Devotee
  • Oink Priest
  • Mr. Squeak (Boss)
  • Red Foot
  • Oink Maniac
  • Mutated Duck
  • Renegade Buffalo
  • Mutated Buffalo
  • Oink Scientist
  • Oink Bot
  • Oink Bot II
  • Oink-Borg
  • Oinkinator 1000 (Boss)
  • Prof. Mudbath (Boss)

Tliug Village

  • Runaway Dog
  • Stray Cat
  • Spiteful Crow
  • Coil Snake
  • Dart Snake
  • River Toad
  • Cadaver
  • Water Ball
  • Ice Statue (Boss)
  • Busted Car
  • Renegade Buffalo
  • Tormented Cat
  • Infernal Hound
  • Big Mouse
  • Little Moose
  • Burrowed Frog
  • Disco Skeleton
  • Rockin' Skeleton
  • Headthrust Skeleton
  • Zombie Pop Dance Crew (Boss)
  • Haunted Mask
  • Taunted Frisbee
  • Unseen Octopus
  • Camo Octopus
  • Hotel Elephant
  • The Chimera (Boss)

Rooster Buster Factory

  • Egg with Legs
  • Grumpy Rabbit
  • Runaway Dog
  • Feral Parrot
  • Computer Camel
  • Robo Camel
  • Cybernetic Camel
  • Doom Clucker (Boss)
  • Underside Fryer
  • Missy Hen
  • Dusk Rooster
  • Spider Rooster
  • Dragon Hologram
  • Cyber Farmer (Boss)

Blue Bane Labs

  • Blue Bane Guard
  • Red Rhino
  • Blue Bane Security Camera
  • Security Bot
  • Electro Fence Droid
  • Spectrum Cannon
  • Blue Bane Soldier
  • Blue Bane Sniper
  • Golden Flamingo
  • Mindless Blue Bane Soldier
  • Brainwashed Mercenary
  • Ditraught Mercenary
  • Vine Weaver
  • Cyan Spectre Bane (Boss)
  • Purple Spectre Bane (Boss)
  • Masked Goldfish
  • Pouncing Cricket
  • Dodging Cricket
  • Blue Bane Survivor
  • Mutated Blue Bane Soldier
  • Insane Blue Bane Soldier
  • Black Foot Infantry
  • Black Foot Grenadier
  • Black Foot Commando
  • Blue Bane Warlord
  • Computer 900 Warmachine (Boss)

The Wilds

  • Coil Snake
  • Spiteful Crow
  • Greedy Crow
  • Nightmare Badger
  • Collapsed Merchant
  • Gifted Hawk
  • Crowned Hawk
  • Nionu's Wish (Boss)

Regna Town

  • Stray Cat
  • Stary Cat
  • Furious Townsfolk
  • Mad Townsfolk
  • Deranged Townsfolk
  • Insane Butcher
  • Blood Clan Follower
  • Blood Clan Donator
  • Blood Clan Smithy
  • Blood Clan Lord
  • Blood Clan Giant (Boss)
  • Renegade Buffalo
  • Spiteful Crow
  • Tarnished Hare
  • Corrupted Mouse
  • Soda Lover
  • Soda Fanatic
  • Soda Enthusiast
  • Soda Addict
  • Living Soda
  • Purple Fizz
  • Orange Fizz
  • Red Fizz
  • Green Fizz
  • Fizz Hydra (Boss)

The Big Blight Casino

  • Little Gambler
  • Roulette Fanatic
  • Blackjack Taster
  • 2 of Fear
  • 3 of Madness
  • 4 of Prejudice
  • 5 of Control
  • 6 of Service
  • 7 of Vile Acts
  • 8 of Woes
  • 9 of Capitalization
  • 10 of Blunder
  • Jack of Sorrow
  • Queen of Sorrow
  • King of Sorrow (Boss)
  • Slot Machine
  • Shakernator
  • Roulette Spinner
  • Large Gambler
  • Shining Coinman
  • Dazzling Coinman
  • Casino Security
  • Casino Security Camera
  • Ricardio Gold Tooth (Boss)

Castle Noisserped

  • Misguided Guard
  • Misguided Archer
  • Mischievious Thief
  • Darted Eagle
  • Coil Snake
  • Repulsive Rat
  • Ambitious Jaguar
  • Shiny Knight
  • Glistening Knight
  • Fierce Wizard
  • Dreadful Wizard
  • Black Night Moon
  • Little Rebeller
  • Tough Rebeller
  • Unturned Guard
  • Invoked Knight
  • King Orcagon (Boss)
  • Black Hearted Rebeller
  • Haunted Gypsy
  • Cursed Gypsy
  • Mindless Knight
  • Dark Shadow
  • Ominous Wizard
  • Vile Rat
  • Resentful Archer
  • Spiteful Crow
  • Cowardly Crow
  • Colossal Earth Worm
  • Bone Curser (Boss)

Helium Fields

  • Furry Snake
  • Coil Snake
  • Aerial Ant
  • Iron Ant
  • Golden Ant
  • Glitter Moth
  • Juvenile Rampager
  • Diurnal Dragonfly
  • Tyrannic Bee
  • Chaotic Wasp
  • Impulsive Wasp
  • Microscopic Beetel
  • Megaton Beetle
  • Beetle XL
  • Doug, Lord of the Beetles (Boss)
  • Winged Trumpet
  • Solidified Water
  • French Horn Balloon
  • Determined Viola
  • Wispy Cello
  • Explosive Acorn Soldier
  • Explosive Acorn Commando
  • Frightful Timpani
  • Gruesome Piano
  • Thieving Lyrebird
  • Magnetic Flute
  • Gratified Saxaphone
  • Reptilious Clarinet
  • Thirsty Albatross
  • Troubled Clef (Boss)
  • Boss Clef (Boss)

Skull's Eye Desert

  • Sprinting Ruby
  • Running Sapphire
  • Cross-Eyed Hamster
  • Three Hump Camel
  • Grimaced Vulture
  • Coil Snake
  • Enraged Snake
  • Polyester Bear
  • Fluffy Turtle Bandit
  • Fluffy Turtle Guard
  • Tione (Boss)
  • Renegade Bandit
  • Fluffy Turtle Genius
  • Fluffy Turtle Tactician
  • Bewildered Captive
  • Maddened Captive
  • Fluffy Turtle Captain
  • Izok, the Fluffy Turtle (Boss)

Noitcelfer Town

  • Winking Water Morph
  • Enraged Candy Apple
  • Venomous Pineapple
  • Frosty Raven
  • Dancing Leopard
  • Icy Elephant
  • Flustered Elk
  • Icy Rhino
  • Icy Buffalo
  • Frozen Chandelier
  • Tormented Mirror
  • Stone Dry Mirror
  • Living Reflection
  • Cowardly Warrior
  • Arctic Witch (Boss)
  • Aether Voice
  • Magical Kite
  • Juxtaposed Baboon
  • Relentless Baboon
  • Armoured Chimp
  • Warmongering Gorilla
  • Deceptive Blue Bane Survivor
  • Blue Bane Ambusher
  • Blue Bane Guard
  • Icy Blue Bane Soldier
  • Temperate Scientist
  • Computer 9000 Warmecha (Boss)
  • Sub-Zero Blue Bane (Boss)

The White Pit

  • Mystic Hare
  • Reinvented Swan
  • Soaring Lizard
  • Camo Rhino
  • Camo Elephant
  • Starman Head
  • Starman Ghost
  • Starman Spectre
  • Starman Apparation
  • Demon Imp
  • Demon Guard
  • Demon Warden
  • Absolutely Safe Capsule (Boss)
  • Relic Stone
  • Relic Monolith
  • Blade Summoner
  • Ventorous Cow
  • Camo Rabbit
  • Sun Staring Hare
  • Robo Junk
  • Robo Arm
  • Cybernetic Leg
  • Mecha-Robo-Cyber Pegasus (Boss)

Mercury Ridge

  • Monster of the Deep
  • Calm Chimp
  • Happy Chimp
  • Mysterious Light
  • Lunging Jumper
  • Chained Lion
  • Bounded Lion
  • Mutated Mr Saturn (Boss)
  • Vengeful Goat
  • Maniacal Penguin
  • Dragging Penguin
  • Ferocious Lamb
  • Unforgiving Lamb
  • Doubting Snake
  • Cyber Mutated Mr Saturn (Boss)
  • Galvanised Cow
  • Metallic Horse
  • Thundering Slug
  • Vicious Slug
  • Dormant Toad
  • Aspiring Toad
  • Revengeful Goat
  • Sworn Oath Goat
  • Incapacitated Snake
  • Ghost Snake
  • Super Cyber Mutated Mecha Mr Saturn (Boss)

Sandy Ocean

  • Avenging Crab
  • Salty Shark
  • Evasive Snake
  • Thirsty Snake
  • Insane Coral
  • Persuasive Vulture
  • Spiteful Crow
  • Desert Whale (Boss)
  • Redeemed Pirate Ship
  • Cursed Pirate Ship
  • Golden Pirate Ship
  • Greedy Pirate
  • Lazy Buccaneer
  • Wrathful Swashbuckler
  • Sea Legs Sloth
  • Lusty Pirate
  • Envious Buccaneer
  • Proud Pirate King (Boss)

Noitcurtsnocer City

  • Monstrous Owl
  • Howling Wolf
  • Hungry Wolf
  • Aggressive Youth
  • Decisive Youth
  • Magical Feet Gang Member
  • Magical Feet Bouncer
  • Magical Feet Clubber
  • DJ Magical Feet (Boss)
  • Magical Feet Guard
  • Dancin' King (Boss)
  • Dancin' Queen (Boss)
  • Suprise Ninja
  • Shaded Ninja
  • Shrouded Zombie
  • Vile Zombie
  • Odourous Zombie
  • Buff Zombie
  • Crawling Gorilla
  • Passive Lizard
  • Robo Lizard
  • Mecha Gorilla
  • Bashful Walrus
  • Toned Keyboardist
  • Off Key Guitarist
  • Mutated Walrus
  • Ambient Soloist
  • Heartfelt Follower
  • Bone Dancer
  • Bone Clacker
  • Zombang Bone-Art (Boss)

Ancient Remains

  • Rocky Turtle
  • Continental Tortoise
  • Vicious Alligator
  • Ferocious Crocodile
  • Mighty Red Panda
  • Powerful Koala
  • Sneaky Weasel
  • Sky Otter
  • Insane Taipan
  • Cloaked Snake
  • Horned Frog
  • Slimy Toad
  • Ghostly Starman
  • Star Cluster
  • Crying Alien
  • Crushed Machine
  • Damaged Machine
  • Evil Machine
  • ??? (Boss)

Potato Cliffs

  • Dark Matter Being
  • Dark Matter Dog
  • Dark Matter Crow
  • Dark Matter Guard
  • Dark Matter Gangster
  • Dark Matter Captain (Boss)
  • Taunted Goose
  • Avenging Spider
  • Bashful Buffalo
  • Sentient Carrot
  • Sentient Corn
  • Sentient Cauliflower
  • Sapient Beetroot
  • Smiling Tomato
  • Sapient Turnip
  • Giga Potato Monster (Boss)

Epoh City

  • Boy of the Mountain (Boss)
  • Boy of the Cave (Boss)
  • Boy of the Mine (Boss)

The Last War Grounds

  • Ancient Soldier
  • Buried Soldier
  • Tranquil Soul
  • Forgotten Commander
  • Begging Soldier
  • Lost Soul
  • Regretful Soldier
  • Depressed Soldier
  • Self Pain Commander
  • Ghostly Soul
  • Gloomy Captain (Boss)
  • Woeful Soldier
  • Heartache Commander
  • Rusted Tank
  • Mossy Tank
  • Anguished Soldier
  • Mounful Soul
  • Amnesiac Soul
  • Wasted Soul
  • Painful Soldier
  • Hopeless Soldier
  • Torn Commander
  • Woeful General (Boss)
  • Cursed Soul (Boss)

The Abyss of Sorrows

  • Denial Dog
  • Denial Cat
  • Denial Warrior
  • Denial Angel (Boss)
  • Guilty Horse
  • Guilty Guard
  • Guilty Statue
  • Guilty Angel (Boss)
  • Angered Alligator
  • Angered Crab
  • Angered Hydra
  • Angered Angel (Boss)
  • Depressed Knight
  • Depressed Archer
  • Depressed King
  • Depressed Angel (Boss)
  • Reflecting Songbird
  • Reflecting Octopus
  • Reflecting Witch
  • Reflecting Angel (Boss)
  • Reconstructive Automaton
  • Reconstructive Buffalo
  • Reconstructive Musician
  • Reconstructive Angel (Boss)
  • Hopeful Lamp
  • Hopeful Starman
  • Hopeful Caribou
  • Hopeful Angel (Boss)
  • Apparation of complete Dispair
  • Apparation of complete Hopelessness
  • Apparation of complete Fear
  • Possessed Nionu (Boss)
  • Twisted Monster (Boss)

PSI Abilities

In the game like the previous entries in the series, PSI is the psychic abilities used by the protagonists and antagonists in the game. In Mother 4: Redemption there are four categories for PSI abilities to fall into; Offense, Defence, Resistance & Ultimatum. The game also contains sub groups for the PSI Abilities using the Greek Letters like in the previous games, in this game however the are ten Greek letters used with all (except Gamma) returning from the previous games and the addition of Delta, Lambda, Mu, Phi & Psu (The complete group in order of weakest to strongest is Alpha, Beta, Delta, Lambda, Mu, Pi, Sigma, Phi, Psi & Omega).

Offense PSI Abilities

Most Offensive PSI abilities use the Greek Letters Alpha, Beta, Delta, Lambda & Omega. There are a few exceptions to this such as Fire, Freeze and Thunder not having Delta, Nightmare having Sigma & Blade having Pi instead of Lambda. Offense abilities are focused around attacking and dealing damage although they are not the only PSI Abilities limited to dealing damage but are some of the hardest hitters.

Backlash - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Lambda, Omega

Blade - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Pi, Omega

Cross-Fire - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Lambda, Omega

Fire - Alpha, Beta, Lambda, Omega

Flash - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Lambda, Omega

Freeze - Alpha, Beta, Lambda, Omega

Frenzy - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Lambda, Omega

Ground - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Lambda, Omega

Nightmare - Alpha, Delta, Sigma, Omega

Thunder - Alpha, Beta, Lambda, Omega

Defence PSI Abilities

Defence PSI Abilities commonly use the Greek Letters Alpha, Delta, Mu, Sigma & Omega as their abilities to some degree. Defence Up and Offense Down have Phi & Psi instead of Mu & Sigma, Double Down has Beta instead of Delta, Lifeup doesn't contain Mu or Sigma, Revival doesn't contain Alpha or Sigma, Shield & PSI Shield don't contain Delta and Refresh doesn't contain Sigma. Defence PSI Abilities commonly attribute to restoration or protecting the party members as such they contain abilities that decrease opponents offense and increase party's defence.

Defence Up - Alpha, Delta, Phi, Psi, Omega

Double Down - Alpha, Beta, Mu, Sigma, Omega

Healing - Alpha, Delta, Mu, Sigma, Omega

Lifeup - Alpha, Delta, Omega

Offense Down - Alpha, Delta, Phi, Psi, Omega

Magnet - Alpha, Delta, Mu, Sigma, Omega

Revival - Delta, Mu, Omega

Shield - Alpha, Mu, Sigma, Omega

PSI Shield - Alpha, Mu, Sigma, Omega

Refresh - Alpha, Delta, Mu, Omega

Resistance PSI Abilities

The resistance abilities primarily use the Greek Letters; Alpha, Lambda, Sigma, Psi & Omega. Counter, PSI Counter & Paralysis don't have Lambda, Defence Down & Offense Up have Delta and Phi instead of Lambda and Sigma, Harvest doesn't have Sigma, Hypnosis has Phi instead of Lambda and Parasite doesn't have Psi. Resistance PSI Abilities are mainly used with the intent of inflicting status conditions onto enemies or increasing the potential damage dealt by other attacks, despite their similarities in name Resistance PSI Abilities are generally the opposite of Defence PSI Abilities.

Brainshock - Alpha, Lambda, Sigma, Psi, Omega

Counter - Alpha, Sigma, Psi, Omega

PSI Counter - Alpha, Sigma, Psi, Omega

Defence Down - Alpha, Delta, Phi, Psi, Omega

Harvest - Alpha, Lambda, Psi, Omega

Hypnosis - Alpha, Sigma, Phi, Psi, Omega

Intoxicate - Alpha, Lambda, Sigma, Psi, Omega

Offense Up - Alpha, Delta, Phi, Psi, Omega

Paralysis - Alpha, Sigma, Psi, Omega

Parasite - Alpha, Lambda, Sigma, Omega

Ultimatum PSI Abilities

Ultimatum PSI Abilities are the most powerful but also the most dangerous of the PSI Abilities with several having dangerous repercussions. The only two Greek Letters common throughout are Alpha and Omega, they also all feature only 4 Greek Letters each. While some Ultimatum abilities were previously Offense PSI Abilities in previous Mother games they were increased to these sometimes considered legendary statuses.

Dark Void - Alpha, Delta, Sigma, Omega

Engulf - Alpha, Beta, Pi, Omega

Final Saber - Alpha, Lambda, Psi, Omega

Love - Alpha, Phi, Psi, Omega

Rockin - Alpha, Beta, Mu, Omega

Starstorm - Alpha, Delta, Lambda, Omega

Trivia Regarding the PSI Abilities

  • Revival is the only PSI ability without an Alpha form, this also means that every PSI Ability in the game has an Omega Form
  • PSI Blade & PSI Engulf are the only PSI to feature a Pi form, interestingly the both have similar attack animations
  • Due to the removal of the Gamma Form of PSI many four form PSI Abilities that return from previous Mother games have a significant difference between the power of the second and third form of the PSI, the most notable is PSI Rockin.


  • All Villages, Towns and Cities names when reversed reveal the seven stages of grief

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