Mother is an anime based upon Mother 2. (Or Earthbound) With similarities and differences to the game, the series ran for 24 main episodes, and then 4 shorts. 



  • Ness
  • Pola (Paula)
  • Jefu (Jeff)
  • Pū (Poo)
  • Buzz-Buzz


  • Giygas
  • Pokey Minch
  • Frank
  • Mr. Carpainter

Supporting Characters

  • King
  • Tracy
  • Ness's Mother (Tracett) 
  • Ness's Father 
  • Pikey Minch
  • Lier X. Agerate
  • Apple Kid
  • Bubble Monkey
  • Tessie
  • Mr. Saturns


Episode Title (Japanese) Episode Summary 
Buzz-Buzz! Starman! Adventure?! Ness and Pokey find a meteor that a fly named Buzz-Buzz comes out, which summons Starman Jr.. After Ness and Pokey fight it off, Buzz-Buzz tells his story. Ness goes home to his family to tell of his adventure. 
Mani-Mani Statue?! Swim with the Sharks! Ness encounters the Mani-Mani statue that Lier shows him. Just as Ness goes to leave the town, he hears talk of 'The Sharks'. The gang have been threatening the town and Ness attempts to put a stop to them.
One Giant Cave Step! Titanic Ant's Rampage! Buzz-Buzz gets trapped in Giant Step Cave, causing Ness to go find him. Meanwhile, Pokey teaches Pikey how to fight. 
Runnin' with the Law at Twoson! Stay Strong! The Policemen take Ness to the Police station, where he is then struck with a fine of 400 yen. One of the cops smack Buzz-Buzz and kills the fly. Ness choked and enraged, fights the cops, but is later stopped by Captain Strong. 
The search for Pola! Wild Goose Chase! The police have set Ness free, but cannot leave Twoson. Ness hears word of someone named Paula, but he must keep doing favours to get clues.
The Blue Cult! Happy Happy Village! Ness is forced to join the Blue Cults after he fell into a vat of blue paint. He uses this to rescue Paula. The Mani-Mani statue once again makes an appearance, Mr. Carpainter protecting his item. The Mani-Mani statue then breaks, and Carpainter stops the battle, explaining what he's been doing since he was given the statue. Paula and Ness take a 'short-cut' to Twoson.
Mondo Mole Ruckus! Save the Cavesfolk! Tiny friendly moles are constantly being bullied and attacked by the Mondo Moles, and so the two kids go out to stop it. Meanwhile Carpainter engages what's left of the Sharks, receiving threats. 
Journey to Threed! Undead, two dead, Threed dead, for dead! Ness and Paula find that Threed is under siege by zombies, and the town's exits are completely blocked off. They must fight their way out! 
Jefu and Bubble Monkey! Ride Tessie! Jeff and Bubble Monkey ride Tessie, so they can save Paula and Ness in Threed. 
Boogie Tent Battle! Stop the Invasion! One of the tents becomes alive and attacks the kids. A lone survivor then gets licked by the tent and transforms into a zombie, forcing the group to fight back. A pizza delivery man sends 'Zombie Paper' to the group, an invention of Apple Kid. 
Through Saturn Valley and the Desert! Pass through the maze! The kids pass by the valley that Mr. Saturns have made their home, and arrive at the desert. To escape the boiling heat, they go into a maze in an abandoned mine, where they are attacked by three moles and an army of Noose Men. 
Reach Fourside! Discover Moonside! The Mani Mani statue has been fixed and turns Fourside into Moonside. It summons 'Department Store Spooker' and escapes into Monotoli Building, eventually being broken for good. 
Travel to Summers! Fight the giant Shroom!
Meet Prince Pu! Delve into Fourside Sewers!
Scaraba Desert perils! Meet Dungeon Man! 
Deep Dark Swamp! Master Barf and Tena Village!
Stonehenge Hidden Base!? Fight the Starmen!
Return to Onett! Swarm of Starmen?! 
Enter Lumine Hall! Engage Electro Specter! 
The Fire Spring! Duel with Carbon Dog and Diamond Dog!
Arrive at Magicant! Ness's dreamworld? Ness arrives at his dreamworld, to cleanse his mind from evil. He also meets up with the flying men, and other people from his adventure.
Take on the Sea of Eden! Cleanse the Nightmare!
Saturn Valley machine! To the Cave of the Past!
Pokey Minch?! Defeat Giygas and save the World!


Episode Name Episode Summary
Chaos at Chaos Theater! It's madness at Chaos Theater! Ness and friends have to protect the Runaway Five!
Behold the Threed Freak A crooked creature has taken over Threed and has recreated an army of zombies.
Dungeon Man's True Form! Dungeon Man promises that he has created the ultimate dungeon.
Aftermath Ness passes through and remembers everything he's done.


  • Interestingly, Buzz-Buzz is a fly, whereas in the video game, he is a bee. 
  • Picky is named 'Pikey' in the anime. 

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