Mother (Anime TV series)
Creator(s) Shigasato Itoi
Producer(s) Shigasato Itoi
Distributor(s) Toei Animation
Broadcaster(s) TV Tokyo - JPN 2014- Present

Cartoon Network - U.S. 2015- present

Genre(s) Comedy, Action
First Air Date(s)
July 27 2014
Opening Theme Pollyana (Sung by Catherine Warwick)
Ending Theme fallen in love (Original Famicom version)
Runtime 20 minutes

The Mother Anime series is a series produced by Shigasato itoi and was released on July 27th 2014, the 25th anniversary of the first Mother game. An English dub was provided by Funimation Entertainment.


Season 1

  • Poltergeist
  • Podunk problems
  • Trouble at the Zoo
  • Saving someone
  • Magicent
  • Queen Mary's plea
  • Loid
  • To Halloween
  • Factory Maze!
  • Were to go?
  • Bein Friends
  • A lost item
  • Ana, the physic girl
  • 4th Melody
  • Wanted? For what?
  • Spookane
  • Station
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Out of Danger
  • Mystery of Youngtown
  • Meeting Teddy
  • Ninten vs Teddy
  • Approaching mount Itoi
  • Ninten & Ana...
  • R7038!!!
  • Mt.Itoi lake
  • Get out of the Lab!
  • Mother Ship
  • Final Melody
  • The big reveal
  • The truth from within
  • Gygas attack
  • No crying until the end

Season 2

  • A New Hero
  • Fred!
  • Police Battle Royale

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