Mother: Your Adventure is a game for the Nintendo 3DS and a Launch Title for the Nintendo 4DS, developed by TE Studios and Telltale Games.

Mother: Your Adventure is a new Earthbound spin-off that focuses the story around you, just like The Stick of Truth where the story was about you. The Game depends on your choices and what you would do if you were in a situation like this.

Mother: Your Adventure
The 3DS EU Boxart.
Developer(s) TE Studios & TellTale Games
Publisher(s) Thektdude & Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 4DS (Launch Title)

Release Date(s)
Japan Flag April 18th 2016

GB Flag April 19th 2016

US Flag April 19th 2016

Flag of European Union April 21st 2016

Australia Flag April 22nd 2016

May 1st 2016 (Worldwide)

Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Series Earthbound/Mother


Chapter 1: Another Day, Like any other Day

It all starts in a small American town in Eagleland when, 'You' wakes up from a knock on the door, you get up and walk to the front door, leaving your room and heading downstairs to where your front door is. You are not seen, just a silhouette at this moment. You open the front door, and your greeted from a mail from anonymous on the floor.

You pick it up and you take it in. You head to the kitchen and open the mail you have been given.

The Letter will read, "Listen kid, your the only one I can talk to now, something big is going to happen, and that something big will affect Eagleland. I don't have much time so I am telling you, to go and stop it. I don't know what it is, but I have seen what it could do to people like you. Trust me, you have to stop it, before it is too late, oh one more thing, I suggest you don't do this alone."

After you read the letter, you put it down and stare at it for a while until you say, "Let's do this."

After that, you go back to the bedroom, and get ready. How this will happen though, is that you get to create your own character, male or female, hair style, colour, skin colour, etc, even you get to name it as well. There will be differences if you pick male or female with the characters you will meet and how people will talk to you.

After you make your character, you will grab a few things, like a baseball bat, some food and a map so you know where to go.

After you leave the house, something will tell you to head to a house and it will give you directions on how to get to the location. After you arrive at the location, you knock on the door and wait for a answer. The Door will open and a girl or boy will appear, depending on what gender you picked for your character to be. You will then give her/him a name before you do anything else. Then She/he will ask what you want and you have choices on what to say. When you say that you were given something to do and you need help, he/she will accept the offer and a text box will pop up saying, "_______ Has joined your Party!" After that happens, something will then tell you that you have to go to the local Arcade to meet someone that knows about this 'secret' project thats happening in Eagleland. When your heading to the Arcade, you can free roam around the town and explore places and check signs and billboards, but also talk to people and talk to your party member. When you talk to your party member, you can ask her/him subjects or even your feelings for someone or even her/him. When you arrive at the Arcade, you ask one of the 12 people that are in there (cameos of people you know, maybe even on Fantendo.) and one of them will say that you need to go upstairs to see the person.

When you go upstairs, you will see the man sitting on his chair, looking at a picture frame. When he notices you and your party member, he will stand up and ask if you were the kid he was looking for. You will have 2 choices of Yes and Maybe... When you pick either one, he will say, "Ah thank goodness, I thought you were another one of those scammers! Anyways, I need you and your friend to go to this Location, Addle Island. But here's the thing, there are no boats at the dock since they have been stolen, for the 30th time, and I guess that you don't own a boat, neither of you. And please, don't try to swim there, its too far to swim. So I sugg-" Then suddenly, a little UFO crashes into the room, breaking one of the walls. You all will both jump back from the unexpected appearance of a Little UFO. Then your party Member will ask, "Who is that!?" Then the top of the UFO will open to see a boy/girl, depending on your character's gender. He/she will have glasses and smart clothes. "Sorry, I was testing this new system to fly around town. Sorry sir." he/she will say. Then you will give him/her a name. After that, he/she will get off the UFO and ask, "Do you know whats happening with that island?" You will have 2 choices to say either I don't know or What Island? He/she will reply by saying, "That Island, Addle Island its called. Do you know sir?" The man will reply, "I don't, but I know something is happening at that Island. What, were you going to check it out?" He/she will reply, "Yes, but my Transport here can't fly far so I don't know how to get there really, unless I look if theres anything I have that can somehow get there." The man will then ask if he/she has a boat And he will reply with a yes. He/she then asks you if you can let him on her adventure and you either say yes or no. He/she then will join your group by a text box saying the same thing but with a different name.

Then the Man will say he's got work to do and he will tell you, "Good Luck."

You will leave the Arcade, then your second Party Member will say that you need to go back to his/her workshop to get a boat. You will get given directions, and this is when you start to go into battles like a Normal Earthbound Game.

When you arrive at the workshop, your second party member will ask you both to try and find a boat he/she has in there. You go and find it. Then, when you found something covered up, you check to see what it is, only to find out it is a boat, you tell both of your party members that you found it and they rush to where you are.

Your Second party Member will be pleased that you found it and he/she will give you a cookie for finding it. He/she will then start up the boat and your 1st party member asks how he/she is going to get it to the sea from his/her workshop. Then your second party member will press a button on the boat that will then jump for a second, to have wheels come out from the bottom of the boat and then your second party member will then say, "I'm always prepared for things like this, getting on?" Then you will either yes or no and you will get on the boat with your first party member getting on as well.

When your second party member is driving through town will you and your first party member, a taxi will stop you.

The Taxi will tell you that if you want to go past him and drive these streets of the town you live in Eagleland that you would have to fight him in a battle. After you beat him, he will say, "Fine, you win, nerd." then he will drive off and you get to continue driving to the location.

When you arrive at the dock, you and your first party member will get told that you have to jump off for a second so he/she can put it onto sea. When its on the water, you and your party member will jump back on and you make your way to Addle Island.

When you arrive at Addle Island, you will notice that theres a lot of trees there that lead to a forest. You three get off the boat and start heading towards the forest.

When your group is exploring the forest, you will start to hear sounds from the sides like crunching and quick footsteps. You stop for a minute and listen. Then all of a sudden a sillouete will jump out from one of the trees and you will jump back in shock from the unexpected appearance. The person will then reveal themselves to be an old friend you knew from when you were a toddler. You will then name him/her before you go into a flash back about when you used to play with him/her as a toddler.

Then he/she will ask what are you doing here and then you will be given 3 answers, Finding something, just visiting, I'm not sure.

After that happens, he/she will tell you stuff about the island that gives you clues about what your finding. After that, he/she will then join your party and that will be all the people that will join your party.

You continue walking through the forest with your friends, until you hear a slight noise coming from the direction your walking in. You and your friends start to walk faster and the noise gets louder. You get to the end of the forest and you find out what the noise is. The noise is the sound of a machine starting up. You and your friends go to a bush and you have a look. One of your party members will ask, "What is it?"

You see a machine, that has a colourful portal connected to it. You start to see figures jump out of the portal and form a line one by one. You answers are, A portal and, I dunno. Your friends then peek their heads to see. As you and your friends keep looking, one of them spots you four and alerts the others. You all make a run for it, back through the forest, until three of them jump from the trees and stop you.

You all freeze, not knowing what to do. One of the figures asks your 3rd party member what are they doing here (which you and two of your members are) and your 3rd party member says, "These are just my friends, please they are not bad people." One of the figures then walks out of the shadows to reveal herself as an young adult with a bow in her hands and a box of arrows strapped on her back. She then asks, "Why are you here?"

You can't think of anything to say, but your third party member will try and explain that your his/her friends are just visiting him/her and then the female figure aims her arrow at your third party member and goes, "Need to come up with a better excuse." You then get a choice to either try and run, or come up with an excuse or tell the truth. You have to tell the truth (which is that you were sent to the island by the scientist to search for something thats happening in the island), and the woman looks at you for a few seconds, then she puts her bow back behind her and asks, "You know it too?" 

Then the female figure introduces herself as "Evia" and introduces the people around her as her friends and then she explains on how shes from the future and they have come to stop a certain someone who has plans to destroy, not just the world, but the entire universe. She explains on how she found out these plans and the future is in danger if this plan goes well. Then one of the others starts to speak about an unknown crystal that is very powerful to wipe out dozen planets. Then Evia gets something out which is a ball, which then lights up a screen. You can hear screams and sounds of destruction coming from the device as you see orange and red lights flashing when Evia says, "That's the future." You and all of your party members stare in silence at the device, until Evia closes the devices and says, "We can change that future if we can stop him from doing his plans."

You all agree, then as you all begin to follow Evia and her two friends, a rumbling sound stops all of you dead in your tracks. Evia turns her head and goes, "What was that?" Then all of a sudden, two fire shots hit the trees and sets some of the trees around you all on fire. You all begin to get your weapons out, then multiple figures of what to be look like a mix of robot and cow. They all go, "Moodestroy." and you go into battle. This would be your first boss battle.

After Defeating the figures, Evia suggests that they would find some shelter to get some sleep because it was getting late, so you and your party members follow her and her friends to a small building that appears to be empty, and you all get some rest.

Chapter 2: It Begins

You Wake up. You see that your all alone in the shelter. You go outside, and see your party members sitting outside. They notice and you and one of them say, "Yeah, they went before we woke up." Then says, "What should we do now?" You then have a choice to say, "Find them." or, "Let's just go." Then you are in control to explore in free roam.

You explore a bit more of the Island with your party members, and then see Evia and her two friends standing by the dock. You and your group walk up to them, and Evia turns and says, "We are supposed to leave you, to keep you safe; but it seems like your up for an adventure." You say Yes and then she goes back to looking into the sea. Then you notice one of your party members has dissapeared.

You go look for that party member around the island. You then finally found your party member who appears to be staring at a strange orb that appears to be lighting up. Everyone else arrives and looks at the orb. Then Evia says, "Thats a part of the crystal that hes trying to get! I'm not exactly sure if he even has any yet." You go to pick it up, then all of a sudden; the ground begins to shake. Then a purpleish portal begins to take form, and sucks you and your party members in, not Evia and her two friends.

You and your party members move around as different colours come past. Then a white colour brightens them. They fall onto the ground, out of the portal that dissapears right after the last party member falls out of the portal onto the ground. You look around and realise your in a dark area outside. You then notice the explosions and screaming.

You then notice your surroundings. You can see a purple sky and a city in the background thats on fire. One of your party members says, "Oh my god. Did we travel into the future?" Then your third party member says, "I think we did, and its the future we were shown by Evia." Then you hear something smashing into the ground behind you.

You turn your head and you see a massive figure stand over you and your party members with a massive stick that is glowing on the top. He then says, "So, your the people that want to stop this world going to choas. Well, I never expected it to be a bunch of kids who think they could save the world by stopping me cause all of this to happen? Ha, you got to try better than that, how about we test it?" Then, he brings his stick up and the strange orb shoots out into the sky and brings down a mix of animals stuck together and then says, "Have fun." and jumps away into the distance. Then you and your party members fight.

After Defeating the Mix of Animals, you and your party members head for the destroying city. When you arrive, you see people running in different directions and explosions happening nearby. You continue walking through the city, until you see a portal form and Evia and her friends jump out of it. She runs to you and asks if your ok and after you explain what has happened, she looks up ahead the road and says, "We going to need to continue walking. He's starting to make his final last plans, we must get there quick." You and your party members and Evia and her friends continue running through the city to chase him.

Chapter 3: The Final Plans

You, your party members, Evia and her friends run through the city and attack Mix of animals that get in their way and try to attack. 

The Style of the Game

The Style of the game will be like any other Earthbound/Mother game, 2D, but with 3D Effects because the paltform its on. It will go through the same style of Earthbound with the gameplay, graphics, battles, shopping systems, etc.

It will go through the same with naming the other characters, or your friends. The only character you get to create is yourself. (In the 4DS version, you get to create the other party members.)


Full Name You (The Main Character)
Current Age 13
Gender Male or Female
Location (You get to call it!), Eagleland
Class PSI
Family and Relations
The Phone
Main Weapon(s) Baseball Bat
Ability/ies PSI Magnet, Telepathy, Healing, PK Fire, PK Flash, PK Starstorm, Refresh
Nationality American or Bitrish
  • You
  • Chloe/Mike/insertname
  • Ethan/Alice/insertname
  • Lucy/Josh/insertname
  • The Phone Guy/Your Dad
  • The Man at his Desk
  • Anonymous
  • Crazy Taxi Man
  • Evia

The Differences between the 3DS and the 4DS versions of the game

  • In the 3DS Version, you live in a town where you get to Name it whatever you want and thats it, but in The 4DS Version, you actually get to change the Towns design into a snowy themed or a futuristic theme or a wild west theme and also change the Flag of the town to any country Flag you want.
  • The 3DS Version will only let you have 2 Slots for your saved data, while the 4DS Version has 4 Slots for your saved data.
  • In the 3DS Version, you can't create any other character besides you, but in the 4DS Version, you get to create all 3 of your other party members and pick their gender.

Amiibo Support

There is Amiibo Support in this game and how its used is in the character creation part on where you get to make your own character at the beginning of the game. It is also used in this game to get special powers and attacks from famous Earthbound/Mother Characters.

The List:

  • Lucas - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Ness - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Jeff - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Paula - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Poo - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Claus - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Ninten - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Mario - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Peach
  • Bowser
  • Bowser. Jr
  • Dr. Mario
  • Rosalina & Luma - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong
  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Sheik
  • Toon Link
  • Ganondorf
  • Fox
  • Falco
  • Kirby
  • Meta Knight
  • King Dedede
  • Samus
  • Zero Suit Samus
  • Little Mac
  • Pikachu
  • Jigglypuff
  • Chaziard
  • Greninja
  • Mewtwo
  • Lucario
  • Pit
  • Dark Pit
  • Palutiena
  • Marth
  • Roy
  • Ike
  • Robin
  • Lucina
  • Duck Hunt Duo
  • Mr. Game & Watch
  • Sonic - (also used for special powers and attacks)
  • Megaman
  • Pac-man
  • Shulk
  • Ryu
  • Cloud
  • Bayonetta