Full Name MortonJr.72
Current Age N/A
Gender male
Location Bowser Valley
Current Status Alive
Class Brother, Hero
Family and Relations
Lemmykoopa24 (brother)

Iggykoopa48 (brtother)

Main Weapon(s) His Belly
Vulnerable To Nothing

MortonJr.72 is a Koopa and one of Lemmykoopa24's many siblings. He is different from his other siblings in many ways and never talks at all.

Powers & Abilities

MortonJr.72 is incredibly powerful and can lift objects as heavy as 15 tons. He was also enhanced during his creation and is rendered indestructible. He can withstand even nuclear blasts. His main way of attacking is hitting with his belly. His two brothers are Lemmykoopa24 and Iggykoopa48.