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Mortal Kombat XI

Mortal Kombat XI (sometimes written as Mortal Kombat 11) is the eleventh game in the Mortal Kombat franchise. It is created by ElectricMayhem, and takes place after the events of the previous game. The game has a total of 33 characters, not counting four DLC characters.


Liu Kang and Kitana, now the rulers of the Netherrealm, seek help from Kotal Kahn, who was banished back into Outworld by Sub-Zero, who at first is hesitant to join forces with them. Liu Kang and Kitana send Kotal Kahn's army, led by Ermac, into Earthrealm to kill Raiden so they can preform a mystic sacrifice to transfer Shinnok into Raiden's body.


Default Characters

Secret Characters

DLC Characters


More stages to be revealed


  • Arcade Mode - Choose your character and fight against several randomly selected fighters until you reach the final opponent, Liu Kang.
  • Versus Mode - Pick your own fighter, and choose your opponent, or battle with your friend on multiplayer.
  • Story Mode - Play as several different characters throughout the game's story.
  • Test Your Luck - Play against a friend or a CPU with randomly chosen modifiers on.
  • Online Mode - Play against different people from across the globe online.

Story Mode

Chapter One: Sub-Zero

Chapter Two: Ermac