Mortal Kombat Khronicles is an upcoming live action MK series. The show focuses on one of the MK franchise's  most popluar character, Sub-Zero.


Season 1                                                                                                                                                               

After his brother's death, Kuai Liang betrayes his clan after learning of their usage of cyborgs, and enlists the help of shaolin monks Liu Kang and Kung Lao and the thunder god Raiden to stop shao kahn and finally settle the rivalry between scorpion and the lin kuei. 

Season 2

The invasion has begun! Kuai finally donns the mask and identity of his brother, and he and the other earthrealm warriors  fight shao kahn and his army. Along the way Sub zero meets the edenian jade, who is a childhood friend of warrior princess Kitana, and Smoke, a former lin kuei warrior who is turned into a half human half robot. 

Season 3

Raiden time warps Sub Zero forward to the ending of mortal kombat 9 as he must save earthrealm from the netherrealm. He must team up with the surviving Raiden,Sonya, and Johny Cage as well as edenian hero named taven to stop quan chi and his undead army as well as a vengefull Liu Kang, while still keeping the fabric of time intact. 


Season 1

Sub Zero: a former warrior of the Lin Kuei, he only officially becomes Sub Zero in the final scene in the season finale, where he raids his brother's tomb and donns his armor. He is the field leader of the earthrealm warriors. 

Liu Kang: a Shaolin Monk who aids Sub Zero and becomes a member of the earthrealm warriors.

Kung Lao: a Shaolin Monk who aids Sub Zero and becomes a member of the earthrealm warriors.

Raiden: The god of thunder who recruits the earthrealm warriors and fights off shao kahn's forces.

Johny Cage: a film actor who becomes a member of the earthrealm warriors. 

more to come

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