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Mort (Darth Phazon)
Full Name Mort
Current Age early-mid teens
Gender male
Species Portal Master
Class Skylander
Main Weapon(s) Traptanium Shovel
Element(s) UndeadElement Undead
Voice Actor(s)
Dee Bradley Baker
Show me the bones!

Mort is one of the 10 Elite Portal Masters, and easily the weirdo of the group.


Back before the Core of Light was destroyed, Eon trained several replacement Portal Masters in the event that he should be destroyed. Out of the multitudes of candidates, 10 different Portal Masters made the cut:

Before he became the bone-obsessed Undead Portal Master, Mort was just a gravedigger for the largest cemetery city in Skylands (since Skeletons live in graves, Mort was in charge of digging them) who loved to collect all the loose bones that he could find. He was just the lonely weirdo -- at least until Malefor's knights showed up and held the band known as the Skaletones hostage. Taking his heavy, weatherbeaten shovel, Mort managed to bash some sense into all of his minions. Knowing that he could use his shovel for the greater good, Mort applied for Eon's team of Elite Portal Masters, where his Traptanium-upgraded shovel could beat down all the minions of darkness; being mainly obsessed with bones, he wanted to find the villain Bone Chompy to add to his bone collection. He even used his bones as a shield -- which unfortunately wasn't enough when Kaos destroyed the Core of Light and blasted him out of Skylands.

Power & Upgrades

Basic Upgrades
Gravedigger Path
Tombstoner Path
Soul Gem Ability



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