Full Name Morris
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Specter
Lawful good
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Longsword
First Appearance Ghost Smile D.I.Y.

Morris is one of several new characters introduced in Ghost Smile D.I.Y.. He, like Kurt, Isabella, and Mart, has been confirmed to be a major protagonist in the upcoming Ghost Smile 3.


According to his interview in Ghost Smile D.I.Y., he is a ghost because his destiny in life was to become Smile's trusted right-hand man and to save hundreds of lives, but as Smile died at birth, Morris could not fulfill his destiny. Therefore he voluntarily remained as a ghost to assist Smile and fulfill his destiny.


Morris is stoic, noble, and patient. He has a vicious streak, however, and can be unnecessarily ruthless in battle.

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