The five races of Morrefus
First Appearance Black Morrefus
Notable Members
Morris Shifton
Molly Formine
Rocky Punchback
Casey Specframe
Brandon Bland

A Morrefus (pronounced morr-fuss, plural: Morrefi) is an extraterrestrial species, inhabitant to the extraordinary planet Blobz.


Morrefi have a blob-like body, complete with gloss and a splatter-like silhouette. However, the six organs that make their silhouette a splatter are actually fixed to the body in this way. These organs are actually their limbs, so they can grab objects with them. Morrefi can walk with one or two of their limbs, but they usually float instead.

A Morrefus has by nature an irregular DNA. Because of this, it can change shape at will, and each shape has its different abilities. It can also stretch its limbs out up to 50 centimeter.

Morrefi come in five different colors: red, blue, yellow, green and white. The skin color determined where their ancestors lived and have a special ability. Red Morrefi lived in warm and dry places, such as deserts, while blue ones lived in tundra climate areas. Green ones lived atop the mountains and the yellow Morrefi lived underground. The white ones were more common and lived in the areas with intermediate temperatures and heights. Nowadays, all five races live everywhere across the world, though some still have their preferences to their ancestors' original locations.

Red Morrefi have more stamina and defense, but their speed is poor. Blue Morrefi are the faster race, but are not as powerful. The yellow Morrefi were the powerhouses, although they hardly get off the ground when they jump. The green Morrefi are the highjumpers, but don't have much stamina in comparison to the rest. The white Morrefi were all-around.

Game Appearances

Black Morrefus

Morrefi make their debut in this game, and Morris Shifton, a Morrefi with quite some quirks, will star in this game.