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Moonsong Productions
Type of Company Video Game
Founder(s) Phoenix (River Phoenix)
Founded at/in August 21, 2010
Defunct at/in none
Owner(s) Phoenix (River Phoenix)
No. of Employee(s) 1
Predecessor none
Successor none
Parent Company none
Subsidiaries none

About Moonsong Productions

Moonsong Productions is a video game company that develops and produces video games. Although fairly new, it has yet to develop any titles. The company usually produces video games for the Nintendo DS and soon to come Nintendo 3DS. The president, Phoenix, has recently announced that the company will be producing games for the Wii in the not to distant future. Also, a few other platforms will be announced as time goes on.


To be Announced

In-Progress Games

To be Announced

Revealed Games

inFamous: Child of Lightning


Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS


More to be Announced


President -- Phoenix