Moonlit Wilderness is a stage for Tekken franchise in Super Smash Bros. Amplified. It is unlockable alongside of Heihachi Mishima. They will be both unlocked together.

Stage Layout

Players will fight in the Moonlit Wilderness based on Tekken Tag Tournament 2's setting.  Overall, it's a medium sized stage. The stage has the moon and the light shining there. The stage has two major base platforms. The upper one can be destroyed to reveal its true nature, three platforms that hover over the real base platform and can be moved through. The real base platform is below the fake base platform. The three platforms are randomized in positions where the false base plaftorm takes. Both real and fake platofrms are the same size and are positioned where blastzones are neutral in relative to their positions.


This stage initially came from Tekken 5, but players fought in the field. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 lets players fight inside the supposed ruins. The latter game is where the game's layout location is based upon.


Stage Music
Remix? Title Arranger Composer Description Origin
Yes Moonlit Wilderness Bandai Namco Studios Bandai Namco Entertainment A remix of the stage's track in Tekken 5. Orchestrated with hints of techno. Tekken 5
Yes Heihachi Mishima (Arcade) Bandai Namco Studios Bandai Namco Entertainment Remix of Heihachi's Arcade theme. A rock style (not hard) that sticks close to the original. Tekken 2
No The Inner Shrine Original Bandai Namco Entertainment Hon Maru's stage music. Tekken 4
No Emotionless Passion (Console) Original Bandai Namco Entertainment Kazuya's fight theme. Tekken 2
Yes Jin Kazama's Theme Bandai Namco Studios Bandai Namco Entertainment Plays  original arcade intro shortly then jumps into the rest of the rock techno mix. Tekken 3
No  King George Island (Console) Original Bandai Namco Entertainment Plays during fights in Antarctica. Tekken
No Edge of Spring Original Bandai Namco Entertainment Plays during fights in Mystic Forest Tekken 6


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