The are seven children who are friends with the Star and Space Children.


Baby Crump: One of the only two children who were born on the moon, Baby Crump looks like a normal X-Naut. He is second in command.

Baby Rosalina: The other moon child from the moon. She is never seen without a Luma. She is the leader.

Baby Diddy: When he was rejected from being a Star Child, he saw the other 6 Moon Children and decided to join them. He, along with Baby Wart, is the gardener.

Baby Waluigi: He wasn't happy when his star was taken back, so he joined the Moon Children. He's in charge of weapons.

Baby Wart: The young frog is a small moon child; the oldest one. He seems to look like Prince Froggy. He, along with Baby Diddy, is the gardener.

Baby Birdo: She was in love with Baby Yoshi, but couldn't be a Star Child. She decided that Moon Children was close enough. She's the cook, meaning they always eat eggs.

Baby Vivian: Baby Vivian is the youngest Moon Child, and was treated badly by Baby Beldam, so she joined the Moon Children when Daisy left. She looks like a Ztar with a red hat, because she hasn't formed into a Shadow Creature yet. She has no job.

Old Moon Children

Baby Daisy: She used to be a Moon Child, but soon she was declared a Star Child and had to leave.

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