A Moon-Jump Mushroom

Moon-Jump Mushrooms are special Mushroom items, which can be used to make very high jumps. The longer the player holds the A button, the higher the character jumps. The character falls back if the A Button has been hold five seconds, or if the player releases the A Button. The character is also able to do at most three jumps in mid-air before landing.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Star Journey

This is the first game appearance of the Moon-Jump Mushroom, which serves as Toad's special Power-Up, meaning no one else can use it. When any other playable character touches it, he/she gets an extra life, like when touching an 1-Up Mushroom. The item itself first appears in the course Jura Jura Jungle, an area filled with dinosaurs.

Super Mario Galaxy 3.5

In SMG 3.5, the same coloured mushroom appeared, but with a special power. It is the "Gravitational Mushroom". When you star spin, your gravity changes. Like this, on the ground, spin, in the air.

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