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Incarnations is a roguelike RPG heavily inspired by Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and the Etrian Odyssey series. Like most umbrella games, it features an Author Appeal roster.


The game's story follows the exploits of a large cast of heroes and ruffians alike who, after being torn from their stories, band together to delve into their distorted worlds of origin, stopping their former allies and longtime enemies from abusing the bridges between worlds to wreak havoc and destruction, all the while trying to discover what cataclysmic event caused their worlds to get pulled together in the first place.

A more in-depth description of the story can be found here!


The game follows a party of up to five characters from various forms of fictional media inside of a sprawling labyrinth. The player has to guide them through the labyrinth and into its deepest floors while fending off powerful monsters.


General Information

When outside of combat, most of the gameplay consists of exploring the maze-like Yggdrasil Labyrinth. This maze is viewed from a first-person perspective, and most of its detail comes from descriptive events. Certain points on the map can be used for gathering resources, while others are events that can rejuvenate the party. However, an accurate map of the maze is not automatically recorded. It is up to the player to build their map as they progress through each floor, adding notes for helpful events or secret passages.


F.O.E.s are powerful enemies that, rather than being encountered randomly, exist on the map itself. They are incredibly powerful, but by being careful, the player can avoid having to confront them in battle. Defeating one will always yield rare items.


General Information

While exploring, an indicator at the bottom-right corner of the screen will slowly change color, indicating how close the player is to the next enemy encounter. Once it's red, they will soon enter a random encounter with monsters. Combat is turn-based, and players can command Fighters to Attack, Guard, use Skills or Items, or attempt to Flee the battle. There are two "rows" in combat - the front row, and the back row. Back-row fighters get damage penalties to their melee attacks, but also take less damage from enemies' melee attacks. Three fighters can be in one row at any time, but the player's party can only be five characters maximum, so there will always be at least one empty slot. Certain skill effects, like Zer0's Decepti0n, can fill this slot for a single battle. Story events sometimes also add a computer-controlled character to the party, but they do not fill the sixth slot.


Upon hitting an enemy with an element that they are vulnerable to or obtaining a critical hit, the attacker becomes Boosted. Boosted characters act at the very start of the turn and can use any skill (except Combo Attacks) they know without spending any HP or SP. Enemies can also become Boosted by exploiting party members' weaknesses, however!

Leader Abilities

When setting up a party, a party member must be designated as the party's Leader. The Leader gains the temporary privilege of wielding their Leader ability - a special passive boon that affects all party members.

Combo Attacks

Each character has a Combo Meter which charges as combat progresses. When it is full, they gain access to use Combo Attacks - attacks that combines the user's ability with another party member's to change the balance of the fight. Some dish out massive damage, while others empower allies with unique effects. Players are encouraged to try different combinations of heroes to discover them all. It should be noted, however, that Combo Attacks drain SP from both users.



Each character has four equipment slots. The first is devoted exclusively to their weapons, and the second to their bodywear. The last two are "blank" slots. Headgear, Armwear, Footwear, or Accessories can be equipped to these slots, but each character can only have one of each type equipped at a time.


Party Members

Character Description Skills
Makoto Niijima

The student body president of Shujin Academy, as well as a member of the Phantom Thieves. She is highly intelligent, passionate, and ever-so-slightly brutal... but also deathly afraid of ghost stories.

Resists Fire. Weak to Water.
Uses Glove weapons and Medium armor.

Baton Pass
Lv1 - Atom Flare
Lv? - Cosmic Flare
Lv? - Rakukaja
Lv? - Defense Master

Denys Geneolgia

Bravely Default
A noble swordsman who used to go by the alias of Kaiser Oblivion, ruler of the Glanz Empire, and sought to rewrite history and create a world free of corruption. Half-brother of Yew Geneolgia.

Resists Light. Weak to Shadow.
Uses Longsword weapons and Heavy armor.

Lv1 - Overlord
Lv? - Blinding Light
Lv? - Noble Eagle
Lv? - Spring Awakening
Lv? - Dawn of Odyssey

Zer0 the Assassin

A masked assassin and hitman wanted throughout the galaxy. He came to the ravager-infested planet of Pandora seeking a more challenging environment after an easy hit left a bad taste in his mouth.

Resists Electric. Weak to Fire.
Uses Katana weapons and Light armor.

Lv1 - Decepti0n
Lv? - Twin Fangs
Lv? - Like The Wind
Lv? - Deathmark



Character Description

Legend of Zelda
A greedy and ever-friendly merchant who used to run an item rental business in a legendary hero's house. The tools that he distributed proved to be vital to that hero's success. He always hides his face.

Ravio is a founding member of the Traders' Guild. He sells weapons, armor and other useful equipment.

Animal Crossing
A cheerful alpaca who enjoys a happy life with her husband, the hardworking carpenter Cyrus. Together, they run a business that lets their neighbors sell their used furniture for any price they want.

Reese is a founding member of the Traders' Guild. She buys materials to help other shopkeepers expand their wares.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers
A daredevil gamer and one of Watabax's closest friends, as well as one of his fellow Resistance members. She delights in racing anyone who'll accept her challenge through dangerous routes.

Greendy is a member of the Chaos Carnival. Players can take on her Labyrinth Race minigame to win prizes.

Shovel Knight
An eccentric alchemist who works alongside Plague Knight, who she has a crush on. In her spare time, she runs a strange game involving knocking mysterious bottles into targets.

Mona is a member of the Chaos Carnival. Players can take on her Spin Ye Bottle minigame to win prizes.


A list of enemies in Incarnations, including bosses, can be found here!


A list of skills in Incarnations can be found here!


A list of items in Incarnations, including equipment and materials, can be found here!


Labyrinth Description
Dream Zanarkand
Final Fantasy
A city located in the middle of the endless oceans of Spira, created from the memories of the long-dead inhabitants of the original Zanarkand. Normally, it is a peaceful city and a testament to the happiness of its happiness.
The Dream Zanarkand labyrinth serves only as a short introduction to the story, the gameplay, and some of the playable characters. It consists only of one floor with no treasure and no enemies, aside from a scripted encounter against Sin at the end.
Gaur Plains
Xenoblade Chronicles
A sprawling grasslands located on the right thigh of a dormant titan known as the Bionis. Sin was likely drawn here by the second titan, Mechonis. Now it's just a matter of finding it before it starts destroying either titan.
Bramble Blast
Donkey Kong Country
Stone Tower Temple
The Legend of Zelda


Name Description Prerequisites


Minigame Description Prices
Greendy's Minigame
Labyrinth Race

Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Greendy's Labyrinth Race is a test of your labyrinth navigational abilities. You are placed inside of an endless labyrinth of randomized floors, with the end goal of making it to the next floor before Greendy does. If she beats you to the staircase, the minigame is over. The more floors you clear, the better prizes you'll get. TBA!
Mona's Minigame
Spin Ye Bottle

Shovel Knight
Mona's Spin Ye Bottle is a test of your precision and management abilities. You are pitted in battle against a swarm of spinning bottles, which revive instantly when defeated. Your goal is to defeat as many bottles as possible within the alloted number of turns. The more bottles you defeat, the better prizes you'll get. TBA!


Track Usage Link
Normal Battle (Overworld)
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
Standard Enemy
Rules Of Nature (Instrumental)
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Final Fantasy X
Boss Battle
The Prelude
Final Fantasy X
Dream Zanarkand
Gaur Plains (Night)
Xenoblade Chronicles
Gaur Plains
Stickerbrush Symphony
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Bramble Blast
Never 4ever
Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Labyrinth Race
Spin Ye Bottle
Shovel Knight
Spin Ye Bottle


  • The game's original name, Monstrous Index, was in reference to its creator's original name Monstermanchego. After their name change to IncarnateParanoia, the title was appropriately changed to a name suggested by Pyrostar (tbc) to reflect this.

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