Monster Hunter Gigas
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Creator/s Setheo (Main Producer/Creator)
Flagship Monster Aquitaivas - Narveldär - Parsalatir - Gigabota
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Monster Hunter Gigas, which is also known as Monster Hunter Genesis, is a MH Game of an Alt. (Alternate) Gen. Its origin idea was created way back in 2012 by Setheo. The idea was to create a MH Fanon exclusive related MH game, meaning no official content of the main Series would be available beside mechanics and such.

  • Release date NA: ???
  • Release date EU: ???

Monster Info

  • # Small Monsters: 20
  • # Large Monsters: 77
  • # Monsters in total: 97

General Info

  • The new monster classes Mollusk, Behemoth and Chloro Wyvern will be introduced in Monster Hunter Gigas.
  • There are no official Monsters from capcom of the main series aside a few minion monsters such as Konchu and Larinoth.


World Gigas Map

The story takes place in a parallel universe of MH, where the Great Dragon War took place a bit later than in the original MH Universe, meaning there have been more Dragons and other creatures evolved before they went extinct. Now MH Gigas takes place after a second Great Dragon War, couple of  thousands years later. This means that the wyvern and creatures we have known so far went completly extinct, besides of a few species, everything that was gained after the first Great Wyvern War went lost, again.

Humans now had to start from scratch and rebuild villages as also cities, while still being in danger from wild animals, wyvern, dragons and the alike. While some Volks went out and rebuilt their homes and living in safety some prefered to wander back to their origins, hence the ruins of their past ancestors. The problem was though that these places are being ruled by new fearsome creatures.

Starting as a hunter in this game the player gets to chose between 6 Continents where to start. Each place has its own unique settings, lore and function. While some villages have some materials missing or just being rare, others materials are in abundance. Depending on the place a player has chosen, the story/quest lines may vary a bit.

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  • MHGigas will not have Hunter Arts such as MHX/MHGen had.
  • Swimming, Mounting as also climbing mechanics are available.
  • MHGigas would be playable on WiiU and N3DS
  • MHGigas would have Online function on N3DS, meaning players who only have a N3DS would still be able to play with others who are on the WiiU.
  • There are be Low Rank, High Rank, G Rank (G1, G2 and G3) and Special Permit (Advanced G) Quests
  • Nyanta/Prowler Mode will be available in MHPG.
  • Poogie is able now able to follow to quests and drop items by random during the hunt. (Like in Frontier)
  • New Elements/Ailments and Statuses
    • Hybrid Elements
    • Multiple Elements


Now that MHPG takes place a few thousand years later after the second Great Dragon War new species have been evolved and sprouted into this world. Some of the new monster Classes that have been created by that are: Chloro Wyvern, Mollusks and Behemoths.

Aside from those new monster classes there have been two new sub classes created within the original monster classes; Water Wyvern from Leviathans and Aviors from the Bird Wyvern class.

There will be along the normal Species; Subspecies, Rare Supspecies, Deviants, Hard Core and Origin Species. For those who don't know what these species classes are this <<link>> will explain it. The terms are from the official game series (Main and Frontier).

All monsters from main series are gone (only few will remain). Instead there will be a new "Set" of monster available to hunt. There will be about 100+ (Small Monsters: 25 (+), Large Monsters: 75 (+)) Monsters available.


The fact that MHPG is taking place in an other parallel universe means that all places from the main series do not exist as areas where players would hunt. Though the ruins of some places may still be visible. Lots of places which players would have known are now either destroyed or have changed due to time, weather and climate.

Along with the new Areas, there will some new In-game mechanics, such as the moon cycle. This means that during night quests the moon will change from time to time. Added with the moon cycle Day and night Quests will remain, but with the small change that after a few quests the area will change from day to night. (1 Quest will be at dawn, 3 in Day/Night and 1 quest will take place at sunset).

Additonaly: Seasons. Yes, MHPG will now have 1-4 Seasons depending where the player chose his/her village. With the Seasons certain monsters will appear at certain times.

Armor Skills



Everything here is based on the original ideas of Capcom. This page is more like an expansion exclusive to "Monster Hunter Project Gigas". All Infos have been gathered from the Main Wiki and are given full credits.

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