Monster Cage
Item Type catching
Kind of Item cage
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Captures monsters

The Monster Cage was a mysterious cage that is able to capture monsters the size of houses and even bigger. It first appears in the game, Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In Game Description

This is a quote from the Toadus Museum: "This cage was recovered from the Toadus Castle shortly after it was burnt down and the castle and town was rebuilt. It was tested at an undisclosed location and found out it has the power to capture creature from small to huge sizes. Now, the cage has been restored to the way it looked before the castle burnt down."


Super Mario: An Evil Rising



Luigi was given this cage after Toadus gave him the Behemoth Wand. Luigi used it to catch monsters other than the Mushroom Mages. After catching all the Mages, he gave Toadus the wand and cage and left for the future.

The Mushroom Behemoth Apocalypse

When the Mushroom Behemoth began his rampage and crushed Ancient Toad Town, the castle caught on fire and fell apart. After Donkey Kong stopped the monster and left for the future, the surviving Toads found the cage and rebuilt everything. Then, they built the Toadus Museum and putted it in there for later testing.

Present Day

Today, the cage resides in the Toadus Museum fully restored to the way it looked when Luigi used it. It is one of the only artifacts left from before the Mushroom Behemoth Apocalypse that have been fully restored.


  • The cage looks like its screaming, which would make sense because it looks a monster that can be caught.