Monster Blooper
The Blooper.
Species Origin Blooper

Gooper Blooper

First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Related Species
The Monster Blooper is a sub-species of Blooper first found in Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


The blooper is a hybrid of a Blooper and Gooper Blooper. It shoots ink out of it's bottom and thru it's mouth. When in danger, it will grow larger about 20%. When defeated, it will swell up and float off. When in starvation periods, it turns it's ink into protein and eat it. When it becomes older, it will turn a dark blue and go to the bottom of the ocean to spend it's golden years.


Legend says these bloopers were created after a desperate need of survival of the bloopers after the Mushroom Behemoth apocalypse, they mated with an ancestor of Gooper Blooper and created these creatures, after the sewers were built, the Monster Bloopers moved into there.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In it's debut appearance, a Monster Blooper kidnaps Donkey Kong's Kong Mage Bongo and heads back to the Toad Sewers. When Wario goes to the sewers in hunt of the bongo and encounters the Monster Blooper. After the battle, the blooper swells and floats away. Later, when the Mushroom Behemoth is coming torwards Toad Town, many elder Monster Bloopers are seen swelling up and floating away.

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