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Monogram Games & Nintendo All-Stars: Race Against Time
North America package art
Developer(s) Halfbrick Studios
Publisher(s) Monogram Games
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
North America | Japan

September 29, 2015

Europe | South Korea | Australia

November 3, 2015

Single player


Age Rating(s)

E - Everyone



Genre(s) Adventure


Series Monogram Games & Nintendo All-Stars
Media Included Optical disc
Available Input Wii U GamePad

Wii Remote Plus

Monogram Games & Nintendo All-Stars: Race Against Time, known in Japan as Monogram x Nintendo! Unite: The Revolution (モノグラムクロス任天堂!ユナイト:レボリューション Monoguramu Kurosu Nintendō! Yunaito: Reboryūshon) is a crossover adventure and party video game developed by Halfbrick Studios and published by Monogram Games for the Wii U. The game gathers the characters from Nintendo’s Super Mario, Pokémon and Kirby franchises with Monogram’s Swirly Smash, Roll Out and Leap franchises. The game uses the 3 by 3 team mechanism like in Roll Out: Dream Team, which is also developed by Halfbrick.

Released in North America and Japan in September 29, 2015 and in Europe, South Korea and Australia in November 3, 2015.

This game debuts the announcer from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Xander Mobus, as the announcer of the game. But the announcer only calls when in a mini-game.


The gameplay is almost same like in Roll Out: Dream Team, where players play in a 3-member team, and battle for a title. The game is divided into 4 modes, Revolution, Dream Team, Minigame Lab and amiibo Colosseum.





NOTE: As the Kirby franchise has more enemies than heroes, some common enemies are playable in this game.


Monogram Games

Swirly Smash

Roll Out

  • Tommy
  • Larry
  • Penny
  • Melly
  • Dr. Smasher
  • Dr. Crasher
  • Timmy
  • Patrick


  • Leafy
  • Loopy
  • Lily
  • Lolo
  • Lyle
  • Ninjaw Sr.
  • Ninjaw Jr.
  • Raymond

The characters in bold is unlockable, these characters will playable in the Dream Team mode once beaten in the Revolution mode.



Revolution is almost based upon Legends Showdown in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Sochi 2014. The Master will clone the team as their rivals. And finally, they will face off the real rival.

Every turns will start with the "positioning mini-game" similar to Pac-Man Party, where all team members will play a randomly selected mini-game and get moves. The camera then will only focus on the player with the most moves.

World Player's team Revolution Mode Dream Team Mode
First member Second member Third member Rival's Mini-game Rival Team Boss
Spiro Town Stuart Mario Pikachu Tilting Labyrinth Dr. Smasher Lord Smoc
Delfino Plaza Waddle Dee Emma Larry Airborne Glide Piplup Petey Piranha
Circleville Luigi Jigglypuff Leafy Zap-out! Waddle Doo Giga Pixe
Seasong Beach Loopy King Dedede Duke Coconut Rally Raymond Samurott
Poco Forest Kirby Cecillia Tommy Hockey Titans Waluigi Giga Ninjaw
Plant Groves Bowser Snivy Penny Tornado Rush Big Smoc Whispy Woods
Winddale Yoshi Meta Knight Oshawott Fruit Ninja Ninjaw Jr. Tornamite
Mushroom Gorge Lily Magolor Lyle Crash Course Bowser Jr. Giga Bowser
Orbopolis Airport Patrick Frillish Monty Tilt 'n Tumble Bronto Burt Pixebot
Yellowbrick Town Wario Lolo Melly Quick Draw Dylan Tornadus
Breezeway Beach Donkey Kong Knuckle Joe Jack Cloud Bounce Whimsicott Kraken
Rainbow Route Ninjaw Sr. Squirtle Molly Shape Run Dr. Crasher Dark Meta Knight
Revolution Colosseum All characters Dream Team Battle Darkrai,

Dark Ninjaw,

Shadow Mario

Master Hand & Crazy Hand

Dream Team

Dream Team is the multiplayer "party mode" that follows the original gameplay from Roll Out: Dream Team, where teams need to flag all Flag Spaces with their team flag. When all Flag Spaces has been flagged, the team with most flagged Flag Spaces will get a star. A team will win when they got certain amount of stars.



  • This is the third game series by Nintendo when characters from different companies are debuted in a single game, after Super Smash Bros. and Mario and Sonic.