Monochrome Ink is another standalone game in the Dimensions timeline. It takes place a bit after Gradient Hue and brings back Gradient, Shade, and Kalico to a new world where they meet another hero capable of using the Bladion named Monochrome.


Gradient, Shade, and Kalico emerge from a portal, into a grey plateau with a dark tower looming over them. A boy Gradient's age with grey hair and clothing turned around to reveal his skin was pretty grey too. He held what appeared to be Bladion in his hands. Gradient called out, but the boy turned around, a cloak whipping over his shoulder, and proceeded to say, "I am Monochrome." He than sped away. Gradient looked around and saw various portals in this place too. "I guess I should go find him. He's using the Bladion..."

For more see Monochrome Ink/Story...


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