Monochrome as he appears in Phantom Delights
Date of Birth February 29th
Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus
Gender Male
Location Greensward Magic
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Making phantom delights
First Appearance Phantom Delights (2014)

This page is for the character from the Phantom Delights series. For the character from Monochrome Ink, see here.

Monochrome is the primary antagonist from Phantom Delights. Monochrome was originally a fruit companion that lived in Greensward Magic.

Being a fruit companion, Monochrome was part of a humans soul that had split and joint into a fruit, with monochrome being part of a Rotten Plum. However, fruit souls have to be near their hosts or risk stretching the soul too much, making the soul have to leave both it's host and fruit companion leaving them dead.

Except when Monochrome decided to run away from it's host, his soul remained in him and we paired himself with the rest of his hosts soul. Due to the abundance of soul in a fruit companion, Monochrome gained many abilities such as creating phantom delights.


Monochrome views the world in a negative light, seeing everything done as pointless and wants everyone around him to feel the same pain he feels, which is the only way he can find joy in life, often chuckling when he accomplishes this.


Monochrome was originally a plum soul, taking the form of a living plum. However, Monochrome decided to leave his host, and doing this caused him to rot and become a dull grey and black colour. After bonding with the rest of his hosts soul, Monochrome mutated, forming arms and legs.

Half of Monochrome's body is grey and the other half is black. He has long thin eyes with a large drop at the bottom of them. On the stomach of his black side is a grey circle whilst his grey side has two black lines. His arms and legs have caps on them, being the opposite colour of the side they're on. From these caps sprout black or grey weeds that were formed when Monochrome was rotting as a plum.

Game appearances

  • Phantom Delights: Monochrome is the primary antagonist, making the delights of Greensward Magic rot and become phantom delights.



The two don't get along very well, in fact they could be called each other's archenemies. January leads the rebellion to stopping Monochrome from creating the phantom delights, meaning they usually are at war with each other.



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