Monica (Luck)
Monica In Luck
Full Name Monica
Current Age 24
Date of Birth December 12
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Clover Vile
Current Status Alive
Class Heroine
Family and Relations


Lady Lumina


First Appearance Luck
Latest Appearance Luck
Huh! What was that!?
Monica, Luck

 Monica is the main character of the game Luck and is a secret agent who was selected by Lady Luminia her self to become the CC (Clover Catcher).


Monica has dark brown hair, a crystal necklace and a long dress that looks like a weding dress. She has blue eye shadow and black eye liner that has run down her face due to tears. Monica has a tiara and carrys an oil lamp around with her.


Monica is a very upbeat character that trusts no one, she hates the dark and she is very picky with small things, eg. she kept trying to straighten up a painting that was haning on a wall at Clover Mansion.

Game Aperances


Monica is they main character of this game being the first character unlocked, she was lured into Clover Mansion by Clover and was taken from her wedding by Lady Lumina.