The Mole Suit's New Appearance.

The Mole Suit is an item only Mario is able to use in its first appearance, New Super Mario Bros. Wii: All-Star Quest and makes a return in New Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Quest.


Once Mario touches this special item, he will transform into Mole Mario (but some call him Monty Mario instead). Mole Mario can dig underground and through grounded platforms that are too high for even Propeller Mario to get on to. However, don't expect that digging underground through a level will help you. If you do try to do this, there are many Monty Moles that live underground and cannot be jumped on. If Mario is hit by a mole he will have an immediate blunder. Regular Mario cannot dig himself up to the ground's surface. Mole Mario will transform back into Mario if he touches water. The Mole Suit is a common power-up in Worlds 1, 2, and 5. The Mole Suit later appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2010 with the same purpose.

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