Mole Mania: Magical Mishaps is a new game for Legendary Pop-Fizz 42, ROC, Nintendo 3DS, and LPF Portable.



Muddy Mole

Muddy Mole


Muddy was stealing cabbage for his family, when he found out that he took Magic Cabbage from a castle inhabited by an evil wizzard! That wizzard took his kids, and banished them to a magical land! Muddy however, was in luck as he found a magical star-nosed mole named Sparky Mole, who has a magic tunnel that leads in & out of the magic land. Muddy Mole and Sparky Mole are off! to save the mole kids!

Playable Characters

  1. Muddy Mole
  2. Sparky Mole

Game Play



  1. Cabbage Castle
  2. Magic Gates
  3. Fertile Fairy Land
  4. Iron Ocean
  5. Diggy Mole's Desert
  6. Snow and Lava 
  7. Starry Spirals


  1. Magical Gate Keeper
  2. Dark Fairy
  3. Robo-Shark
  4. Bone-asaurus Rex
  5. Lava Monster and Snow Man
  6. Wizzard

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