Hmph. Guess we need to find these "powers within", huh?
Mokuzai Roguin, Faitingu: Origins

Mokuzai Roguin
Mokuzai Roguin
Mokuzai Roguin in Faitingu: Origins.
Full Name Mokuzai Roguin
Gender Male
Location Lillipup Town
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Burrly Bronson-Roguin (Ancestor)
Main Weapon(s) Various Dark and Wood-related powers
First Appearance Faitingu: Origins
Latest Appearance Faitingu: Strengths

Mokuzai Roguin, often referred to in the original series as Mark or in the reboot as Moe, is a Dark-type Timburr and one of the main characters of the Faitingu series. Mokuzai, unlike Lee and Julie, is unable to connect to his ancestor without a Psymet (a psychic helmet), which are very rare.


Mokuzai is a gray Timburr, with a black shirt and red bulges on his body. He also has a tatoo of Zoroark on his arm, and has a tatoo of Dialga's foot on the bottom of his foot.



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