Real Name Mokosh
Gender Female
Status Alive
Origin Kinecardine, Azmarin
Resides Kinecardine, Azmarin
Species Aflyr
Game Info
Allies Quson
Enemies Jabal
Weapons Earth magic, telepathy
Alignment Good
Games Insurrection

Mokosh is a playable character in Insurrection.


Mokosh is an Aflyr, a species of bronze skinned, black eyed humans who are able to preform telepathy and earth-based magic. With her country facing a war against Terragon, the bordering country of the orcs, she crosses the border into Aldmoor along with her friend, Quson, seeking military aid. However, upon entering, she finds the country in the midst of their own war, and ends up getting involved after being attacked by the sorcerer, Jabal.


Being an Aflyr, Mokosh very closely resembles a human, with the only major differences being her bronze skin and black eyes. Her skin has an earthy texture, and she has long, brown hair that flows over the back of her head and onto her shoulders. Mokosh wears a black belly shirt that has metal plates embedded on the chest, back, and stomach, black shorts that also have metal plates on the front and back, and tall, dark brown and black boots. Her top has two golden rings that stick out at each shoulder, and her shorts have four golden halved rings on each of the outer sides of them.


Character Relationships


Mokosh and Quson are close allies who manage to escape the orcish invasion in Azmarin and cross the border into Aldmoor together to see aid.


Mokosh is unique in that, despite being small and light, her attacks are very powerful. Her movement speed on the groun is quite slow when compared to other light characters, however, her aerial movement is above average.


  • Quicksand - Creates a quicksand trap in front of her; if the opponent gets trapped, they will be stuck for three seconds, or until attacked, and will then be knocked backwards onto the ground. (Introduced in Insurrection)
  • Earth Shards - Shoots several small shards of earth at chest-level. (Introduced in Insurrection)
  • Boulder Slam - Throws a large boulder forward, which will crash into the ground and break after traveling a few feet. (Introduced in Insurrection)
  • Rock Shield - Pulls a large piece of rock out of the ground for protection; if the opponent is on top of it when it is summoned, they will take damage and be launched backwards into the air. (Introduced in Insurrection)