Mojo is a toad who can be very odd at times and used to live in a place called Moroclo Mushrooms
Full Name Mojo
Gender male
Species Toad (species)
Location Moroclo Mushrooms, Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom
Family and Relations
Toadario and Wendy O. Toad

Life Story

Early Life

Mojo began his life in a small town in toad town called 'Moroclo Mushrooms' where he grew up in a toad house hidden, beneath the trees which nobody could recognize. His parents died at an airship attack by Bowser. No one knew how Mojo survived as a little baby toad. But his parents were more stronger, but somehow they died rather than little mojo. His parents were very unknown and there death was unknown too. Mojo didn't know who Bowser was, so he got clueless and ran to his mother and farther. As Bowser was in Giga Bowser form, his hand shook out and reached Mojo's family, but somehow Mojo escaped Bowser's grasp and crawled away. Mario found Mojo the next morning to save the mushroom kingdom's disaster from the night before. Mario gave Peach Mojo and wondered why he got caught in the disaster and not been saved. Peach had no idea why but adopted mojo to comfort in the castle.


Mojo now lives a peaceful life being a toad. He as many friends such as Toadario and Wendy O. Toad. He can get crazy at times by putting sunglasses off and taking selfies of which are very recognized on Instagram. Peach will get very annoyed when he does this, so some times she takes his phone off him. But what Mojo does best is playing Mario kart and getting mushroom bargains off the market (this is unknown why). But the life that he has is very lucky, Most toads found in mystery houses don't get that lucky and have the comfort of a castle.

Game Appearances

Mojo: The Quest To Find The Unknown

In Mojo: The Quest To Find The Unknown you play as Mojo and Mario as they look in a 3D land to find the unknown death of his parents. You must play through mysteries, helps by toads, questions, and funerals! So make your through with Mojo and look for clues to weather it's true or maybe that his parents were still alive and are just no where to be seen.

Mario Kart DRAX

Mojo appears as a playable character in Mario Kart DRAX but you have to buy the special edition pack to unlock him. His kart is the Selfie Souver and has 10/10 acceleration and handling. You might not want to get the special edition pack. We here you, so you can get him for 20000 coins from the coin shop.