Gizmo in Gremlins: Stripe VS Gizmo
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A Mogwai is a species from the Gremlins series. They first appeared in a canon video game in Stripe VS Gizmo.


If they get wet, they reproduce, and little furballs of the newly born Mogwai come out their backs. They are allergic to any form of light, and fry up if it is on them. If they manage to eat after midnight, they turn into horrible Gremlins.


Mogwais are furry, and their fur is brown and white. They have pointy ears.


Sam Squad and Hood'ems: Rally Road Racing

The ref is a Mogwai. This one can speak English, unlike a normal Mogwai that speaks Mogwai.

Super Smash Bros. Warfare

Gizmo smash bros

Gizmo is a playable character. His alternate costumes include Mogwais Mohawk and Stripe. During this game, bright light doesn't hurt him, shown by some of the outside stages. This is not the first time this has happened, because in Gremlins 2, when Gizmo escapes the shop, he is out in the bright light without it hurting. This shows Mogwais are only senitive to sudden heaps of bright light.

Gremlins: Here we Grow Again

Mogwai are celebrating Gizmo's latest victory over the Gremlins. This shows that there are more hero Mogwai apart from Gizmo and Flaum.



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