Ledd, member of the Mogmas.
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Latest Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Notable Members
Ledd, Guld, Tubert, Bronzi, Cobal, Kortz, Merco, Nackle, Plats, Silva, Tyto, Zanc

Mogmas are a mole-like species that made their appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The Mogma live at Eldin Volcano and have the ability to dig into the ground. The Mogma help put Link on his adventure, but all Mogma are greedy and want treasure.


The Mogma tribe is a highly civilized species that resemble Moles. The Mogma have their long claws which are helpful for digging underground in case of danger or trying to find treasure. Many members of the Mogma have packs on their back and the Mogma have the packs is so they can store items such as Rupees and such.


Skyward Sword

Fanon Appearances

Dark Legacy

In The Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy, Mogmas reappear along with all other races, where they play a small but important role in the game. Mogmas have become critically endangered to the point that they are thought to have become extinct centuries prior; in truth a small tribe fled by burrowing deep into the mountains to escape the wrath of Ganondorf Dragmire. Those that chose not to flee joined forces with him and evolved over the centuries while the dark energies of the Death Mountains split them into a number of other species.

The descendants of the Mogma are revealed to adapted into one lineage that adhered more to the Mogma's mole-like traits, eventually creating the Acro-Bandits, Goriyas and the Moles; and another that adhered more to the Mogma's canine-like traits, eventually creating the Darknuts, Keaton, and Wosu.

The Mogma can aid Dark Link in accessing the tunnels beneath Death Mountain.



  • All the Mogmas in the game were Male.
  • Every Mogma are named after minerals or metals, except for Tubert; instead, Tubert is named after a tuber, a type of root found in vegetables like potatoes.

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