Mog's Gallery is a Smash Museum Scenic mode hall in Super Smash Bros. Amplified, where players can interact with the Final Fantasy collectibles and characters. It is available from the start. The main part of the hall is resembling a castle foyer of mixed modern and historic designs. A moogle named Mog hangs out in the center of the foyer, greeting and chatting to anyone who talks to him. The path to the rooms are labeled by sign spelling the room's name and an emblem painted above the mentioned sign. The Crystal Room is on the left near the left staircase. The Airshi[p Historium is on the right near the right staircase. Straight ahead on the first floor is the Chocobo Trading Post. The trophy room sits on the second floor.

Crystal Room

This historic designed room has a magic crystal that displays the fighters models on a bare wall. The crystal is in the center of the room visible in plain sight and it displays the Final Fantasy fighters models in the back wall when they interact with it. Other than that, the room shows a bed to the left that can be rested on. The room shows pictures of the summons Bahamut, Ifrit, Rumah, a yellow chocobo with a sandle on its back, and a crystal that looks like the one in the room's center to the right part of the room.

Airship Historium

This modern looking airship room has many bookshelves and computer terminals to read on the Final Fantasy series history. It shows off the chronology of its lifetime of games, spoiler-free introductions to highlighted titles, and a miniature sized generic airship to interact with.

Chocobo Trading Post

The Trading post is painted to have a chocobo theme to it. A Tarutaru merchant with a human name of Serah tends the store. She will present the player with option to purchase Mii Costumes and Accessories.

Mii Costumes
Item Price Description
FF Jobs Bundle 5250 The iconic jobs of the job system in a bundle
FF Job 250 each The separately available jobs. Black Mage, White Mage, Knight, Ninja, Red Mage, Monk, Dragoon, Time/Space Mage, Summonner, Chemist, Tamer, Bard, Dancer, Dark Knight, Paladin, Necromancer, Thief, Onion Knight, Samurai, Mime, Mystic Knight
The Rebel bundle 2500 The bundle of the FFII cast's outfits.
FFII character 250 each The available separate outfits of the FFII cast. Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon, Minwu, Josef, Gordon, Ricard, Scott, and Emperor Mateus.
FFIII Bundle 1250 The bundle of the FFIII cast's "Freelancer outfits"
FFIII character 250 each The individual characters outfits outside of the bundle. Luneth, Arc, Refia, Ingus, and Desch
The Red Wings Bundle 4750 The bundle of the FFIV cast.
FFIV character

250 each

The FFIV individuals outside the bundle. Three outfits of Dark Knight Cecil, Four of Paladin Cecil, A dragoon Kain, Masked Kain, and holy dragoon Kain, Child Rydia, Tellah, Edward, Rosa as a Queen, Yang, Child Palom, Child Porom, Armored Golbez, Edge
Tycoon Bundle 2,750 The FFV cast in a bundle
FFV character 250 each The FFV indviduals in the bundle available separately. Freelancer Bartz, Dissidia Bartz, Freelancer Lenna, Freelancer Galuf, Freelancer Krile, Freelancer Faris, Exdeath, Gilgamesh (FFV, FFVIII, FFIX, and FFXII are available)
Magitek Bundle 3,000 A bundle of the FFVI cast
FFVI character 250 each Terra Branford (Dissidia), Locke, Celes, Edgar Figero, Sabin Figaro suit, Cyan, Shadow, Setzer, Kefka (FF6, Dissidia), Relm (FF6 remake), Strago
Shinra Bundle 4,500 The bundle of the FFVII cast.
FFVII character 250 each The FFVII characters available separately. Cloud Strife (AC), Tifa (AC), Barret, Aerith, Vincent, Cid Highwind, Yuffie (CC), Sephiroth, SOLDIER (both helmet and sans helmet. Blue, Purple, Black variants), Turks Uniforms, Rufus Shinra, Reeve, and Genesis
The Garden Bundle 5,250 The bundle of the FFVIII cast.
FFVIII character 250 each The FFVIII characters available separately. Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Quistis, Selphie, Irvine, Laguna(Civilian), Kiros(Civilian), Ward(Civilian), Seifer, Edea, Galbadian troops (Blue, green and commander red. Both helmet and helmetless.) SeeD uniforms (Both Male and Female) SeeD Cadet (Both Male and Female)
Tantalus Bundle 2500 The FFIX bundle of the playable characters
FFIX character 250 each The individual characters outside the bundle. Zidane, Garnet, Steiner, Vivi, Beatrix, Eiko, Quina, Amarant, Freya, Trance Kuja
Spira Bundle 2500 The bundle of FFX characters.
FFX character 250 each The indvidual FFX characters available. Tidus, Yuna (FFX), Wakka suit, Lulu, Auron, Kimahri, Seymour, Jecht Suit, Rikku (FFX), Paine
Vana'diel Bundle 1500 The bundle of the NPC's in FFXI
FFXI characters 250 each The NPC's available individually. Shantotto, Prishe, Eald'narche, Kam'lanaut, Apururu, Ajido-Marujido
Dalmasca Bundle The bundle of FFXII characters
FFXII characters 250 each The individual FFXII characters
Fabula Nova Bundle The bundle of the FFXIII characters.
FFXIII characters 250 each The indvidual FFXIII characters
Eoroza Bundle The bundle of FFXIV NPC's.
FFXIV characters 250 each The individual FFXIV NPC's
Noctis 250 Noctis's outfit in FFXV
Side FF stars bundle Other/Side game characters in a bundle.
Side FF characters 250 each Other/Side game characters availble separately. Ramza, Benjamin, Class Zero (FF-Typo), Cosmos
Mii Accessories
Item Price Description
Gilgamesh Bundle A bundle of the iconic FF weapons and items
FF iconic weapons and items 100 each The items and weapons indvidually. Revolver (FFVIII), Buster Sword (FF7), Brotherhood (FFX), Materia (Summoning, Magic, Command, Support, Independant, Black, White), Fusion Swords (Individually or Fused: FF7:AC), Yuna's Staff (FFX), Phoenix Down,

Royal Display

The Royal Display is the area where the trophies are displayed. A human assistant named Cid helps players set up the trophies for display.


  • Mog and Cid are nods to the common names that appear in many Final Fantasy games. The moogle and the Royal Display room assistant are Mog and Cid of this game respectively as per Final Fantasy tradition. Serah is a callback to the princess from the original Final Fantasy and Lightning's sister from Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Mog brings up a different Tarutaru woman who scared him while helping him out with this hall. Mog is referring to Shantotto of Final Fantasy XI.
  • The Final Fantasy III characters outfits are from the DS release.

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