Modern Magic

This fangame was created by NanoPower512

Modern Magic is the action-adventure developed by Nano Studios and released for the PlayStation 4. The story follows technomancer Esmerelda "Esma" Rhapsody in the year 3100 in a fictionalized New York where the world is completely technological and magic is non-existent (or atleast to the public eye).


In Modern Magic, the player takes control of Esmeralda "Esma" Rhapsody, the game's technomancer protagonist, and paced combat, platforming and environment-based puzzles- however other characters become available too: Mechariah, an intelligent yet upbeat and idealistic 13-year old.

As the character progresses through the game, it earns experience points which enables it to increase in level and gain new special attacks and abilities which are executed via combinations of buttons and direction keys, much like a beat-em-up game- some skills only become accessible through missions because they are mandatory for later on in the story.


Esma again

Esmeralda "Esma" Rhapsody is a rebellious and free-spirited teenager, and one of the users of "Technomancy"; a magic solely oriented around technology. She is frustrated at the world, angry because she (along with many magic users) has to hide her magic from the world, but deals with it nonetheless. She sells stuff on the black market (e.g. scrolls, spells, enchanted artefacts). She is constantly getting into trouble, not only with the law but with her customers.

Mechariah 2.0

Mechariah Roiland is a young idealistic and cheerful fourteen-year old inventor. Although he is upbeat and optimistic in nature, he is at an stage in his life where he is beginning to mature and see the darker parts of life and become more realistic although he still is unwilling to give up his cheerful demeanor. Despite his wealthy upbringing, Mechariah made it a habit of sneaking into the restricted army Science labs, getting into trouble at times- in fact, he accidentally stumbled upon the magic world when he bumped into Esma when attempting to outrun army officials after doing such.

Griffin 3.0