Mobius Times is a newspaper in the country of Mobius. It first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog/Eps.1.

Significant Stories

Italian Plumber saves Princess!

First appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog/Eps.1.


Mario, plumber by day, princess savior whenever he needs to save a princess.

Mario of the Mushroom Kingdom today rescued Princess Toadstool, better known as Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser of the Mushroom Kingdom who kidnapped her 3 days ago. Bowser had kidnapped her for unexplainable reasons and Mario knew she was in trouble for unexplainable reasons. Either way, after gruelling trials, Mario defeated Bowser and saved the Princess. Good job Mario, good job!

Riot in Station Square!

First appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog/Eps.2.

In one of the largest and most important of the United Federation's cities, a riot was held. The participants were mainly a part of the Green movement because they didn't agree with Station Square city Council deciding to allow exploration of the Mystic Ruins. Tell us at Mobius Times your opinion.

Your Opinion

Susie-Bridge Zone

I agree with the protesters. They should just leave the remnants of the Echidnas alone. They're all gone anyway.

Jack-Turquoise Hill

I disagree with the protesters. If we find out more about why the Echidnas are gone, we can learn and not make the mistake the Echidnas did.

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