"Mobcraft High" is a TV Show based on the popular Mojang game, Minecraft. The show was aired on August 24th, 2013 in America, and August 20th for Japan.

The show has only one season aired, and the second season is planned to be released in January 5th, 2014.

Plot Of The Series

Herobrine has run a school for 5 years, and he knows that one day, all of his students will be perfect, like him. Because of this, when his new students come in for the new school year, he's trying his best to teach them all.

However, the students also want to have fun, so to them, everyday is a party. Well, except for Conner.

Episodes (Season 1)

Pilot/ The New Batch Herobrine opens his school for the new year! But can the new students control their behavior?
Zack Attack When Paul pulls a prank of Zackary, he is determined to get him back! But how?
Test Of The Best! The student's first test is coming up! But while others study, OTHERS are doing other things...
Professer Wither The new teacher arrives: Professer Wither! Edward gets nervous, though! Can his friends help him?
The End? The Ender Dragon escapes from The End and invades MH! Can anyone stop this thing?
Ore Collecters When Conner finds an Ore that turns out to be an egg, he needs help finding the others of it's kind.

Herobrine's Cousin

(30 Minute Special)

Steve finds out about Herobrine and his plot, and sets out to TNT the school! The students must put all their skills to the test to stop Steve and save the school!
Epic Craft Battles Of History! Eddy, Gertrude, and the others watch Epic Rap Battles, and decide to make a paradoy of the series called Epic Craft Battles!
Scared Blockless When Professer Wither shows a documentary about Crafters and "Notch", a few students tend to...yeah. But what happens when Steve returns?
Parent-Teacher Fight It's Parent Teacher Night, and everyone's parent's come to talk to the teachers! However, Chris and Paul have a plan to make this night... a fight!
Pizza Pie Time! Conner decides to have fun for once and throw a pizza party! But can they all survive with the dreaded Ms. Witchtilda?
Burn, Baby, Burn! Baxter, after getting water dumped on by Eddy, sets out to get setting the End on fire.
Castle Steve After so many attacks, the students plan to take down the Diamond-covered Steve Castle. Will it be easy? No.
FOOD FIGHT!!! When Paul starts a fight in the lunch-room, it triggers the first of many Food-Fights! Who will win, Team Pigmen or Team Nether?
The Mysterious Man A mysterious man is seen around MH. Who is he? And, more importantly, why is he here?
Lord Of The TV Part 1 As revenge for his castle being broken, Steve shuts down all communication devices, and makes the TV the main target.
Lord Of The TV Part 2 The two-part adventure continues! Will Steve rule the school, or will Herobrine prevail?
Go Kart Crazy!

Simon and Samuel invent a few Go-Karts, and the students get to ride them. But what happens when Steve and 4 Villagers join?

Summer Bummer

(Season Finale)

It's finally summer! While everyone goes out to relax, Herobrine has a few dicussions with his...friend about the next school year. Also, Paul is out to ruin the fun.

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