"I'm tired of your idiocy!"

Mo is a character from Fantendo Fight Fest! He is an ancient deity that is the holder of dark energy. He is a bit of an anti-hero, but still, he's mean, sarcastic, and arrogant.

Current Age 25,000,000
Gender Male
Current Status Alive(Immortal)
Class Anti-Hero
Main Weapon(s) Scythe
Vulnerable To Light
Voice Actor(s)
Jason Griffith
First Appearance Fantendo Fight Fest!
Latest Appearance Fantendo Fight Fest!


Mo is sarcastic, mean, arrogant, and greedy. While he is the holder of evil, he remains neutral, and only cares about the Fantendoverse, doing whatever it takes. He is a tad manipulative, and the only person he loves and cares for is his brother Jo.


Mo is a dark-haired, light skinned human-like deity. He appears to be a regular guy, but his true form is too overwhelming for the humans and creatures to see. He has fangs and his toes are covered by claws. He also has jeans, and a scythe attached to his belt.


TBA (Artwork coming soon)