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Mizuame Namida
Mizuame Namida box
North American box
Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing, Ltd.
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Release Date(s)
Q2 2015
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
M for Mature
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Nintendo Chrome optical disc

Mizuame Namida (Japanese: 水飴涙 Mizuame Namida) is a 2015 dungeon-crawler RPG title created by Existence Software for the Nintendo Chrome. The game stars three odd teenagers as they travel into another realm to save their town from demons. Mizuame Namida is the first game released in the Akuma no mon series.

In late 2015, Mizuame Namida was re-released under the title Akuma no mon: Mizuame Namida.


After the death of his parents in a train accident, Kazuo Honda moved to Ushinawareta (Ushinawa) to live with his older sister. Together they arrive at her small, two bedroom house on the outskirts of the town, and she gives Kazuo time to walk around and tour the town. He first travels to the school that he will attend coming the next semester. For two weeks, he mourns his parents with his sister before the semester starts and the voices in his head begin to speak louder and more forcefully.

For the first week of school, his is bombarded by students eager to meet someone new. He rarely speaks and stays to himself, still sad about the death of his parents.


The game is primarily an open-world dungeon crawler with a turned-based battle system. Players control their party of six characters as they traverse the large dungeons located within the Demon Realm. When they run into a battle by coming in contact with an enemy in the overworld, they are brought into a battle arena where the player, alongside two partners, fight in an open-world turn-based battle where they are given only thirty seconds to move around the field area and use an attack or guard. Attacks consist of special skills learned by levelling up or through special training, as well as normal attacks. Players can also use items in order to boost their statuses, such as defence or attack, or lower the opponents. While guarding, players can also counter-attack should they time a button press correctly. The timing is dependant on the move used against them.


The game runs on a calender system, in that certain events happen on certain days. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the main protagonists must attend school, where they can complete several side-quests in order to unlock special items and equipment options. After school, the characters are able to socialize in order to learn more about them or train with Chizu Honda. Saturdays and Sundays have the characters primarily exploring the Demon Realm.


Party Members

Party Members
Kazuo Honda is the main protagonist of the game and a new student of Bessekai Academy. He is sent to live with his older sister in the small town of Ushinawareta after the death of their parents. He has been a schizophrenic his entire life, though often ignored the gibberish that came from the voices in his head until they began to give him instructions.
Misao Matsumoto is a main protagonist of the game. She has lived in Ushinawareta since her birth, mostly under the care of her three brothers. Her parents are abusive and often travelling, leaving their four children to run their restaurant. As a result of bullying she endured when she was young, she blocks out all feelings of friendship and love, though secretly desires to have a true friend.
Daisuke Hashimoto is a main protagonist in the game. He moved into Ushinawareta two months after Kazuo does, due to his grandparents wanting to retire to a small village. Daisuke acts quickly, and wants nothing more than to have a beautiful girlfriend, and acts on that desire before other tasks. He doesn't want to adapt to the countryside, and wishes to return to the busy city as soon as he can.
Kazuko Inoue is an anti-hero character and the third to join the player's party. Kazuko was abducted and trapped within the other realm, causing her to slowly be mutated into a demon. She now suffers from dissociative identity disorder: one her original, caring student self who disapproves violence, and the other a crazed psychopath who just wants to return to her home in Ushinawareta.
Izanagi Oshiro is an anti-hero character and the fourth to join the player's party. Izanagi exhibits the same powers as Kazuo and his friends, having been trapped within the other realm for years after accidentally stumbling upon the entrance. He claims that he is capable of hearing the footsteps of the death god, and will try to protect those whose fates he has trampled on.
Ume Kagome is the fifth and final person to join the player's party. Ume is a servant to the demon king, and the only one not to be 100% demon. Dressed in a maid's outfit, she breaks free from the spell placed on her and is saved by Izanagi before being separated from him. She is very timid and scared, and just wishes to escape.

Important NPC's

Important NPC's
Chizu Honda is the older sister of Kazuo, who takes him in after the death of their parents. She appears to be ignorant of the demons around her, though she also appears to know more than she lets on. Chizu is caring and very protective of Kazuo, but slowly allows him to be free.
Kenpachi Rikimaru is a shopkeeper in Ushinawa. He knows of the Demon Realm through a previous encounter when he was a teenager, and sells Kazuo and his friends weapons for use in the realm.
Tsukiko Matsushima is the homeroom teacher of Kazuo Honda, Misao Matsumoto and Daisuke Hashimoto. She gives the three various tasks that can only be completed through the Demon Realm.
Kame Kagome is Ume's older brother, and was trapped within the Demon's Realm aside her. Unlike his sister, he exhibits physical traits that relate to his transformation into a demon.


Byakuya Namahage is the main antagonist and the king of demons, ruling over the Demon Realm. He captures as many humans as he can to convert them into demons, so he can someday overpower the Earth armies and rule two dimensions.
Aobozu is a creature thought to be from Japanese mythology, but actually a high-ranking member of the Demon Army. In lore, Aobōzu is a cycloptic monk who kidnaps children, while the actual Aobōzu is a mutated human monk in charge of luring humans into the Demon Realm. He had his eye mauled out by Byakuya after once disobeying him.
Yama-Uba is a yōkai thought to be from Japanese mythology, but is, like Aobozu, a high-ranking member of the Demon Army. In mythologies, Yama-Uba has a mouth on the top of her head, and wishes to eat unsuspecting travellers that she lures to her by dancing.
Bakeneko is a cat who was trapped within the Demon Realm, and mutated into a feline demon creature. Bakeneko is a prankster, and acts as the least serious among Byakuya's most successful creatures.
Yamata no Orochi is a samurai with the control over the sky and weather. Though this is the form he takes most often, Yamata no Orochi is actually a snake-like dragon with eight heads and tails, and conceals this form within the human shell with the help of Yama-Uba. He is a high ranking member of the Demon Army.

Enemy Types

Enemy Types
Shachihoko is the most basic type of enemy. In Japanese folklore, they are carp-like creatures with the heads of tigers, though their appearances in dungeons make them much more diverse. Depending on location, their bodies or heads can be of different animals, though they are all capable of controlling water, which they use to attack. They are the most common enemy, and are found in every dungeon.


  • Tiger-Carp Shachihoko—Water / Light
  • Lion-Dragonet Shachihoko—Water / Fire
  • Leopard-Koi Shachihoko—Water / Electricity
  • Jaguar-Pipefish Shachihoko—Water / Darkness
  • Cheetah-Stlengis Shachihoko—Water / Air
Tsuchigumo are a rarer, but still basic type of enemy. In Japanese folklore, Tsuchigumo were large spider-like creatures, though the name also referred to renegade clans. In Mizuame Namida, Tsuchigumo are Demons who have gone against Byakuya Namahage and have been transformed into spider-like creatures.


  • Tsuchigumo Shonen—Earth / Light
  • Tsuchigumo Rapier—Earth / Fire
  • Tsuchigumo Axel—Earth / Darkness
  • Tsuchigumo Nazo—Darkness / Air
Tenome are one of the most challenging enemies found within the game. In folklore, they were human-like creatures with eyes on the palms of their hands.


  • Tenome Renegade—Light / Fire
  • Tenome Crystal—Light / Water
  • God Tenome—Light



Palace of Demons




  • Mizuame (水飴) is a Japanese sweetener that is comparable in many aspects to corn syrup. The word, Mizuame, can be translated to "water candy" ("mizu" meaning water, and "ame" meaning candy). Namida (涙) is the Japanese translation of the word "tears". This means the title of the game translates from Japanese to "Water Candy Tears".
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