Misty 2
Full Name Misty
Current Age 13 (Chapter 1)
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Cerulean City
Class Gym Leader
Misty is a character in the Pokéverse, and one of the two main protagonists, Red being the other.

Primarily, Misty serves as the Female lead, although others like DawnMay and others serve as a decent amount of female roles.


Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Before Red came badge hunting in Cerulean, Misty was the Gym Leader for Cerulean City, slowly growing bored of being challenged by trainers, feeding the fish and taking laps around the pool; she longed to travel and see what other Water-types the world could offer, but even her sisters' reassuring couldn't quiet her adventurous spirit.

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Misty is surprisingly more energetic and adventurous than a lot of her counterparts; though occasionally standoffish, she is shown to be very friendly and courageous, often risking her life to help Red when he needs it. 

Although very toned in physique, she actually is unbelievably modest, since she often throws her own Cloyster at Red whenever he stares for even a minute. (She actually reciprocates the crush Red has on her, but can never be humble enough to admit it)


Pokémon Information




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