This article is about a fan fiction, about the nex Mr. L. See Mr. L for the character in Super Paper Mario.

Mister L is a story written about the next Mr. L.


They say, that when you die. Your life flashes before your eyes. They were right. Everything about my past flashes before me, my life as an orphan, my childhood wasted as a criminal. But most importantly, how I got here. The moment my life changed, everything changed. The moment I got a second chance, the moment I became Mr. L.

Chapter 1:

My name is Jack Lester, a 21-year old male. I walk these streets as I do everyday, living a meaningless life. Desperate for food and shelter, I have resorted to a life of crime. A petty thief, trying to survive. But since the age of 16 I have learned to fight, caught stealing was a brutal fate. Often beaten to the ground by rods, often shot at. But all this seemed to help train me, help me become a fighter. I'm skill, sure, but still living a meaningless life. As the rain pours down, as thunder strikes I continue my march. My march towards shelter. I have reached my destination. An apartment building five stories high, I pull the door open and walk in. The halls are deserted, I come across the first door. Room 13-B, placing both palms on the door I listen for vibrations from the room to see if anyone is there. No-one with a swift strike against the door, the lock unlocks itself. I pulled the door open and march in. I look around the room, a small calender hangs on the wall. July 7th, a red line runs across this weekend. Apparently the owners of this room are on vacation. On lay myself out on the floor as I listen to the lightning strike, the roar of the thunder. Welcome to my life. The life of a criminal.

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