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Mist Mario is a Ghost of Mario. When the sun goes down and the moon appears, Mario turns into this form.He has other members of his crew. See below for more details


Mist Mario's Shirt and Cap is light grey, his overalls are pale blue, his skin is light green and hair and shoes and mustache is white and his eyes are red.

Secondary Side

  • Haunted L - Luigi
  • Scardey Peach - Princess Peach
  • Jack-O-Daisy - Princess Daisy
  • Dry Yoshi - Yoshi
  • Shadow Wario - Wario
  • Ghost Kong
  • Mummy Waluigi
  • BowserGoblin

Rules with the characters

  • Mist Mario - feel free to use
  • Haunted Luigi - You've got to ask
  • Scardey Peach - Only Peanutjon,YoshiEgg and SonicWiki may use her without premission. The rest of you must ask
  • Jack-O-Daisy - Only Arend,McQueenMario and Uil Team may use her without premission. The rest of you must ask
  • Dry Yoshi - Only I can use him
  • Shadow Wario - You've got to ask
  • Ghost Kong - feel free to use
  • Mummy Waluigi - Only Clyde1998,Mick13 and Spark01 may use him without premission. The rest of you must ask
  • BowserGoblin - Only I can use him

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