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This is the list of missions (also known as Jobs in some copies from the UK) in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime. There are several missions Mark can do from multiple characters and the reward are either an amount money or drugs. Missions are required to complete the storyline.

Story Missions

No Boss

  • My Beautiful Prison: Mark Smith, Jack Smith, and Rupert Smith escapes Demone Prison Island and creates a brutal jailbreak. Meanwhile, Rupert betrays Mark and is left for dead in the island of Flintwood.

Jack Smith

  • The Drug Deal: Mark and Jack begins another life of crime after escaping jail, so Mark starts drug dealing with dealers around Flintwood.
  • No Tanks for the Memories: Jack is going to destroy the old abandoned eCola warehouse, so he orders Mark to steal a Rhino tank from the Fort 69 military base.

Max Johnson

  • Beware of the Bodyguard: Drug store owner Max Johnson, friend of Jack Smith, is going to do his afternoon errands, so he needs Mark to watch Get Wasted Drug Store.

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