Do not edit and delete! Miss Sweet's Adventures is a fan universe of 4 candy. Miss Sweet, Coco Dude, Gummy Love, and Bubble Gum Ranger. The 4 bad people are 21 and older drinks, That say swear words like #@?! and more. They are: Benny Beer, Wally Wine, Utah Ulo, and Wendy Wymox.

Miss Sweet

The main candy of the group. She is a fun loving, Candy human that loves flowers, Rainbows, And sweet love kiss.

Coco Dude

Coco Dude is a magic coco boy that loves to fool others. He is also a dissappering person that loves to dissapper other people, Too!

Gummy Love

Other in the sweet woods, You can find Gummy Love wandering around. She is loveley and she is cute, No matter what she is, Give her some love!

Bubble Gum Ranger

More sweeter and loveley and cuter than Gummy Love, Bubble Gum Ranger is sweet! She thinks she is a forest ranger, But she is not one. She would be rather called Bubble Gum Love. Ohh La La!

Benny Beer

BEWARE OF BENNY BEAR! Take bad care and rise him, and let him kill these friends!

Wally Wine

Mr Wally Wine, At your service. BUT WAIT! Why sould i not be here? Wally Wine lets spill wine everywhere, But friction wants the floor to be wet!

Utah Ulo

In what i say, Utah Ulo is not just a drug, A BAD DRUG. Watch out for Utah Ulo before you get over killed!

Wendy Wymox

Why Hello...Nope. It's Wendy Wymox, The worst drug you ever saw. Take at a look. And be dare to see her.


Miss Sweet

Miss Sweet: Ice

Miss Sweet: Mario

Miss Sweet And The Color Adventure

Super Coco Dude Bros


More coming soon!

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