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Miss Libra Affini
Full Name Libra Affini
Current Age 23
Date of Birth October 3
Zodiac Sign  Libra
Gender Female
Species Human (Interceptor)
Location None - resides in Affini Estate
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Scorpio - Older step-brother/rival

Aria - Friend
Lord Adair - Rival (occasional ally)
Ashbel and Salacia - Rivals (occasional allies)
"Croft" - Servant/friend

Main Weapon(s) Revolver
Ability/ies Various mental abilities usually associated with Interceptors (Interception, Replication, Assault, etc.)
Vulnerable To None
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Intercept
Latest Appearance Shards of Reality

Libra Affini (also known by aliases such as Terri Parker, Taylor Patrick, Magenta Frank, and simply "Justice") is the main character of Intercept. She is one of the thirteen humans gifted with the power to Intercept thoughts, and is considered the fourth most powerful, ranking below Lord Adair and above Aria, as well as being tied with her step-brother, Scorpio.


Libra is rather difficult to read, as she is very good at pretending to have a personality that she doesn't. She acts polite and determined in front of most other Interceptors, but around Aria and strangers, she's laidback, funny, and a little mischievous. No matter who she's around, she hides her true intentions very well when she wants to, and has an unquenchable thirst for both riches and justice in equal measure. She understands the rules of her abilities very well, and thus always resorts to twisting the truth into a white lie whenever possible.


Libra mostly closes her doors on other people, no matter what their role of importance is; however, there are a select few that she knows much, much better.

Aria Grace

Aria is one of Libra's closest friends, despite the two both being Interceptors and having extremely different backgrounds (with Libra being a billionaire heiress, and Aria being a middle class detective-in-training). The two work together very often, with Aria sometimes coming to Libra for help on cases and Libra obtaining fairly confidential information on other Interceptors from Aria. Libra finds Aria's obsession with her strange doll to be rather baffling and a little childish, but never says it to her face.

Scorpio Affini

Libra and Scorpio are equal in ability. This, combined with being brought up together, led to one of the most heated rivalries between any two Interceptors to date. Scorpio is sickened by Libra's laidback attitude towards her work, while Libra thinks Scorpio needs to loosen up and think a bit more abstractly sometimes. Despite this heated rivalry, the two have an equal amount of respect for each others' abilities and talents. When they work together, which is very rare, they are a near perfect combination, and always perform flawlessly.

Lord Adair Capricorn

Lord Adair has a very good history with Libra compared to other Interceptors. The two get along very well due to their shared sense of justice, but occasionally have conflicts as to how this justice is to be administered. Adair, as usually, strictly leans towards keeping with the law, which conflicts with Libra's occasional bouts of lawless activity most of the time. Despite these occasional conflicts, the two are actually found working together much more often than one would expect, and to fairly good effect as well.

Ashbel and Salacia Geminus

Libra doesn't trust Ashbel and Salacia that much. Despite having a unique psychic link akin to Intercept, the two are far from similar, being able to coordinate their work to appear as if their intentions are completely different. Similarly to how other Interceptors fear her and Scorpio working against them on the same side, Libra knows she's in for a bad day when even a single one of the Geminus siblings arrives at her doorstep. She personally prefers Ashbel's wild and rather chaotic style - she can associate with him rather well. She doesn't trust Salacia and her cold exterior.

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