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Misfits is a group of 'weirdoes' who group up together to fight things, though they usually dont preform legally, they do end up saving lives, usually.

The Misfits

Team Starsnow

The highest ranking team of Misfits, and only for the best of the best. Team Starsnow is the most respected rank of all, and is shown by a sentilenium medal with a star, surrounded by red sentelenium jewels.

Character Description
Aran Leverletto

A cocky asshole who turned from angry robo-freak down the street to essentially a less bald Charles Xavier. He is the husband of Melissa, aswell. His temper isn't the best, but he can control it. Sometimes. Not Really. Yeah, he's very hot-headed

Melissa Dust
A girl who went from abandoned girl on the streets to insane science creation. She seems to have a sailors mouth, aswell. She is the wife of Aran. Melissa is actually pretty calm, unlike her husband. Though, they get along so well.
Firball is a super-sonic high-jumping dog hybrid that is literally too cute to deny. His personality is being a dog, and he isn't in a relationship with anyone. Though he's cute, that's all you need to know.
A 'female' Magma Sentinel who is skilled in the art of bows and arrows. Birnstone is actually somewhat of a tomboy (even though lava doesn't have a gender, I know, I'm confused too) and tries to be the funny one at a bad moment. Yay, comic relief!
Jared Orlevo Misfits
Jared Orlevo
A phoenix man who used to be a bounty hunter for a living. He is a top-notch marksman and very much an asshole. He also likes coming up with nicknames for people, and they usually aren't the nicest ones.
An almost-crazy telepathic girl who is the ex-ex girlfriend of Aran, they dont get together very well. Topzy's eye is deformed into a swirl. Oh, she also used to be called the 'Angel of Death'. Topzy is very independent and tries to do everything on her own at most times.

Team Vertigo

A secret Misfits team that is used for space travels and sometimes extra-terrestrial recruiting in the far reaches of space. They own two ships, one that is currently broken, and the second being the newest one. The team features Misfits that could be capable of moving up to Starsnow, but are needed on the Vertigo team.

Character Description

Team Oblivion

The second-highest ranking team, while not the highest, these guys are also important and are respected aswell. Their badge is a golden vortex with a blue sentelenium gem in the middle.

Character Description
Anema Anema, the lookalike twin of Maleanu, and a former japanese popstar (yup.), is one of the leaders of Oblivion, being widely considered as the true leader. She has the ability to bend small spots of gravity and matter in specific places to mess with the physics and mass of things, making her a very skilled opponent.
Maleanu Maleanu, the lookalike twin of Anema, and a former japanese popstar aswell. She is seen as the co-leader, and envies her sister because of this. She has the ability to change electrical currents to alter where they go and what they do, aswell as being able to create small illusions.

Team Red

The third-highest ranking team, and one that takes care of most of the missions that are in between minor and major. Red's badge is a Red eagle art with a red sentelenium eye.

Team Watt

Team Watt is actually the team that does most of the scouting for missions for Red, as Red and Watt work together alot. Watt's badge is a lightning bolt striking a yellow sentelenium.

Team Riot

The Team that is designed for brutes, they are considered 'riot control' and are not forces to be messed with. Their badge is a helmet with one sentelenium gem in the middle.

Team Bloodeye

Team Bloodeye are the ones who carry out the minor missions, and are pretty good at it. Team Bloodeye is designated by their eye-shaped badge, though it has no sentelenium on it.

Team Old School

Team Old School is pretty much made for making sure your training from the first team has all paid off, they make sure you are good enough to move to Bloodeye in this group. Their badge is marked by a graduation hat with no sentelenium on it.

Character Description
Aero Upper-class young woman Amber Arlen uses her aerokinetic powers to take down threats as Aero. She's ambitious, smart, and determined, never letting anything get in the way of completing a mission.
Beam Lower-class young woman Eliza Baxter was born with energy beam powers that she uses to deliver pain to evil while also delivering snarky jokes and dry wit. She takes the mission seriously though. Usually.
Frostburn A cocky magma sentinel who states to be the 'rarest Magma Sentinel from Bermuda', claiming he's the coolest magma sentinel as he is a blue magma. He has 4 3-fingered hands that are disembodied from his head, aswell as his head being almost all rock, except for one spot in the middle, to represent an 'eye'. Overall he is a soar loser, and comes up with excuses to why he didn't win.

Team NewBirds

The newbies, Team Newbirds is an initiative class essentially, they really have no badge, as they dont know if they will make it into Misfits or not.

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