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Misfits: Wertham Warfare is a fighter video game based on the Misfits TV Show. The game was released in arcades, and was later ported to Xbox 360 and Wii U.


Misfits: Wertham Warfare is a 2.5D fighting game. The game uses 3D Models and environments, but the characters move on a 2D line, but are able to sidestep into the background and foreground, meaning the stage is viewed at a different angle. Characters have the ability to fight with hand-to-hand combat and using the powers they gained from The Storm. Other abilities include throwing, blocking and escaping. The majority of the game is played with ground fighting, but some characters have the ability to fly, allowing them to hover above the ground. The game's buttons represent the fighters' limbs for hand to hand combat and stays pretty generic, until combos are used. Most characters have superpowers, which are activated by the player inputting a combo.


Misfits: Wertham Warfare has a roster of TBA characters, with 6 starter and TBA Unlockable.


The game's starter roster is very small, with only The ASBO Five and Rudy unlocked, alongside all powers and skins.

Image Name Description Combos Bonus Ability
Nathan Young Nathan is an immortal homeless Community Service Worker, who was put on community service for assaulting a bowling alley manager with a staple gun after stealing a handfull of Pick 'N' Mix sweets.
Simon Bellamy Simon is a shy Community Service Worker, who was fined for attempted arson after being bullied and put on community service. After the storm, Simon developed the power of Invisibility.
Curtis Donovan Curtis is an ex-athlete with the ability to rewind time, who was put on community service for drugs possession.
Alisha Daniels Alisha is a promiscuous party-goer, who was put on community service for drink-driving and fellating a breathalyzer.
Kelly Bailey Kelly is a telepathic chav, put on community service for attacking Jodi, who had called her a "slag".
Rudy Wade Rudy is a young adult working on community service after his clone smashed a car, and he got the blame for it. He has the power of emotional duplication, as the result of his split personalities and clashing emotions.


Image Name Description Combos Other Abilities How to Unlock
Power guy Seth Seth is Kelly's boyfriend, who began dealing superpowers after The Storm gave him the ability to give and take other people's powers. Complete story mode as Kelly
Finn m Finn Finn is a small young offender on community service. He has the power of Telekinesis. Complete story mode as all of the ASBO Five
Jess m Jess Jess is a sarcastic community service worker, with the power of X-Ray Vision. Complete story mode as all of the ASBO Five
Abby m Abby Smith Abby is an imaginary community service worker, put on community service for pretending to be on community service. She was created by Laura as an imaginary friend. Complete story mode as all of the ASBO Five
Alex "from the bar" Alex is a sexy barman with a mysterious history. Finn suspects that he is gay after seeing him paying another man in a car park. Complete story mode as Jess
Karen misfits Karen Karen is a scottish member of the Jumper Posse. She has the power to camouflage herself into her surroundings. Complete story mode as Rudy


Image Name Description Stage Hazards Stage Objects
Community centre hall Hall The hall is the main room in Wertham Community Centre.
Probation workers' office Probation Workers' Office The Probation Workers' Office is the office where probation workers at Wertham Community Centre work.
Misfits Series 3 Episode 8 Simon's Apartment Ruined Simon's Apartment
Power support group Power Support Group The Power Support Group is a support group for people with super powers.
Leah's flat Leah's Flat Leah's Flat is where Leah lives, and where Finn was kidnapped.

Story Mode


Read the prelude to story mode, The Second Storm, here.

Custom Characters


Misfits: Wertham Warfare's Wii U port features Amiibo support, including compatibility with existing Amiibo and even its own series of Amiibo.

Misfits Series

Image Name Wave
Nathan Young 1
Simon Bellamy 1
Curtis Donovan 1
Alisha Daniels 1
Kelly Bailey 1
Rudy Wade 1

Other Series

Other series of amiibo unlock special superpowers for custom characters.

Image Name Superpower
Mario/Luigi/Bowser Pyrokinesis
Link/Marth/Ike/Toon Link/Lucina Expert Swordsmanship
Amiibo Pikachu Pikachu Electricity Manipulation
Amiibo Kirby Kirby Consumption Shapeshifting
Peach/Jigglypuff Sleep Inducement
Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong Banana Manipulation
Amiibo Villager Villager Wood Manipulation
Amiibo Yoshi Yoshi Prehensile Tongue
Amiibo Zelda Zelda Light Infusion
Amiibo LittleMac Little Mac Enhanced Strength
Amiibo CaptainFalcon Captain Falcon Falcon Punch
Amiibo Shulk Shulk Monado Wielding
Amiibo Sonic Sonic Enhanced Speed
Amiibo MegaMan Mega Man Power Replication
Amiibo Pacman Pac-Man Infinite Digestive System
Amiibo Olimar Olimar Army Manipulation


Click here to listen to the soundtrack.

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