Misao Matsumoto
Current Age 16
Date of Birth April 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Hometown Ushinawareta
Weapon Kunai
Status Alive
Spirit Shimai
Affiliations Seishin Group
Debut Mizuame Namida
Aliases Misha, Masu-senpai
Relatives Brother
Voice Actors Amanda Winn Lee (ENG)
Youko Hikasa (JAP)

Misao Matsumoto is a major protagonist of Mizuame Namida, and one of the six playable characters. Misao was born in Ushinawareta, being the only one of the three to have lived in the town all her life. She lives with her father and sister, as her mother disappeared when she was young. Misao and her family still try and find the location of her mother, though after years of being unable to find her, she has fallen into a stress-based sadness, making her a prime target for Byakuya Namahage.

Game Appearances


Misao is appears as a laid-back teenager, though deep down is always stressed about her life. She rarely shows most emotions, as she supresses most of her emotions to hide her stressed nature. She always worries about how other people see her, as she does not act or appear like other girls in her class. Prior to meeting Kazuo Honda and Daisuke Hashimoto, Misao had never had a friend, due to her various mental conditions: Alzheimer's disease, autism and bipolar disorder.

Physical Appearance

Misao Matsumoto stands at slightly more than 2.8 meters tall. She has short purple hair that drapes over her left eye. Her eyes are large and a deep black colour, and has thin eyebrows that match her eye colour. She wears a black shirt with a dark blue undershirt. She also wears dark black pants with a white pin attached to her left pocket: the insignia of Bessekai Academy. On her feet she commonly wears dark brown sneakers.


Misao's Spirit is a fire elemental named Shimai. Shimai is a large tiger-like being with a spiked tail and a piece of armour around her neck, that spikes down to her legs. Red flames burn around Shimai's wrists. When transforming into Shimai, Misao's feet are engulfed by fire before it travels upwards, burning away her body and transforming her into Shimai.


Levelling Up

Skill Cost Effect Level

Special Training

Skill Cost Effect Level


Mizuame Namida (2015)

Misao Matsumoto appears as a major protagonist of Mizuame Namida.

Eirian Namida (TBA)

Misao makes a playable appearance in the crossover title Eirian Namida. She is one of the main protagonists of the game.

Tamashī no Namida (TBA)

Misao makes a playable appearance in the crossover title Tamashī no Namida. She is one of the main protagonists of the game.


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