When they got to Jaden's house a dark shadow cast over eveything as far as the eye could see. At one point Jaden thoght he saw an even darker shadow with a humanoid shape, but he couldn't be sure. The shadow was suddenly gone. Jaden checked the time on his phone. Jaden then noticed a small black orb of some sort. "What's that?" Jaden asked. "No!" He screamed. But it was too late. Griffen picked up the orb. Then he set it back down. Griffen turned toward Jaden. Griffen swung the first punch at Jaden.

Griffen swung again, but missed. And again. And again. Untill one finally connected with Jaden's jaw. Jaden dodged as much as he could. How can I stop this? What is going on?! Jaden asked himself. A revelation hit him. The orb! Griffen punched him in the stomach. Suddenly, Jaden's head started hurting, and he couldn't think straight. Jaden spun around and fell to the ground. The vision came...

Jaden was 8 again. He looked at Griffen who was 8 as well. They were in Griffen's backyard, where Jaden had been playing with Griffen. Jaden checked the clock. 5:00 p.m. 30 minutes untill he had to go home. A freak storm had just hit. Thay went outside to play soon after. Suddenly a black orb appeared, Griffen went and touched the orb. He suddenly fell to the ground, passed out. Jaden ran over and tried to wake Griffen. It wouldn't work. Jaden went and picked up the orb. Nothing happened. must be because it's already using its power or something. he started banging it on the ground. Jaden went and found a rock and smashed the orb on it. The orb shattered. They were back playing in the yard. Jaden checked the clock again. 5:00 p.m. It was the same time. All of a sudden, Jaden totally forgot what had just happened. They continued to play.

Jaden got up. He ran to get the orb. Only Griffen stood in his way. Griffen punched while Jaden dodged. Jaden pushed Griffen out of the way. He ran to grab the orb. He picked it up and threw it on the driveway. It shattered. Griffen began rubbing his head, as if he had a head-ache.
"What just happened?" Griffen asked.
"You touched the orb, and you attacked me," Jaden replied.
"Woah. Maybe we should go inside," Griffen suggested.
Jaden said, "Yeah, good idea." They went inside. Griffen left later on.

The next day, Griffen called Jaden. Griffen had asked Jaden if he wanted to go on a road trip with him and Adrienne. Jaden said yes. The next day, they took off in Adrienne's car. They soon got on the interstate. They were going to drive across the US while seeing the sights. They came to a bridge at the interstate. In the middle of their lane was a man in a black robe. Griffen stepped on the breaks, but they wouldn't stop. The robed man had a slight grin on his face as the car hit him at a speed of 67 miles per hour. Everybody in the car screamed. Then there was a brilliant flash of light. They were gone.

Find out what happened in the next episode!

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